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Chuck Muth
  • Bill Watch

    A pair of good conservative bills were introduced in the Nevada Legislature by Monday’s submission deadline.

    Chuck MuthMarch 18, 2009
  • nolan Knows the Nanny State

    “Dennis, I hope you are not party to this obscene nanny state bill, that puts us one step closer to an...

    Chuck MuthMarch 18, 2009
  • Mr. Smith on Goober & the Porkulus

    Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith has inked a pair of back-to-back political gems this week.

    Chuck MuthMarch 18, 2009
  • Burns Baby, Burns

    In response to my call for Gov. Jim Gibbons to resign last week, gubernatorial communications director/press secretary Dan Burns had this...

    Chuck MuthMarch 18, 2009
  • The Mis-Adventures of Li’l Nate

    Some guy named Nathan Taylor wrote an email to legislative Republicans yesterday blasting me over my call for Gov. Gibbons to...

    Chuck MuthMarch 18, 2009
  • Some are Created More Equal than Others

    “All but four members of Gov. Jim Gibbons’ staff will make a higher salary next fiscal year than what the Legislature...

    Chuck MuthMarch 16, 2009
  • Ah, What a Tangled Web He’s Weaved

    According to Jon Ralston’s Flash e-newsletter, Gov. Jim Gibbons did an interview with Channel 8’s Gary Waddell in Las Vegas in...

    Chuck MuthMarch 16, 2009
  • Is There a Doctor in the House

    Move over Joe the Plumber. Meet Joe the GOP Gubernatorial Candidate.

    Chuck MuthMarch 16, 2009
  • Nolan Knows, and Loves, Big Brother

    “Real ID will not do anything to make us more ‘secure’, ‘safe’, or anything else,” wrote Leonard Foster to his state...

    Chuck MuthMarch 16, 2009
  • Dogs Playing Poker

    “Two of Southern Nevada’s ‘big three’ cultural institutions – the Las Vegas Philharmonic and the Nevada Ballet Theatre – are fighting...

    Chuck MuthMarch 16, 2009
  • Bank on It

    Heritage Bank of Nevada, with five branches in northern Nevada, just turned down $8.6 million in strings-attached “bailout” money from President...

    Chuck MuthMarch 15, 2009
  • Headline Bias, In the News

    Legislative Democrats conducted a pair of dog-and-pony “town hall” meetings in Reno and Las Vegas yesterday to discuss the budget. The...

    Chuck MuthMarch 15, 2009
  • Stop Digging!

    The problem with the Nevada Legislature is that legislators keep adding new feel-good program after new feel-good program without regard to...

    Chuck MuthMarch 15, 2009
  • About That “Vote of the People” Crud

    Gov. Gibbons has been going around saying the people of Nevada voted for that room tax hike. No, they didn’t. Only...

    Chuck MuthMarch 14, 2009
  • This Is “Essential”?

    Legislators from both parties are whining and gnashing their teeth about how proposed budget cuts will be “devastating” to “essential” government...

    Chuck MuthMarch 14, 2009
  • The Con Job

    According to Reno Gazette-Journal reporter Anjeanette Damon yesterday, Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley said that she, Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford, Senate...

    Chuck MuthMarch 14, 2009
  • I Thought There Was an Economic Crisis?

    Listen to almost any legislative leader these days, Democrat or Republican, and you’re likely to hear that the governor’s proposed budget...

    Chuck MuthMarch 13, 2009


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