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Muth’s Truths PLUS: May 31, 2024

* On Thursday, Tabitha Mueller of the Nevada Independent reported that Green Party candidate Jill Stein had submitted more than enough signatures by the deadline to get her name on the Nevada presidential ballot in November.

* Stein is a far-left candidate who will pull votes from Joe Biden, thus helping Donald Trump win back the White House.  So, naturally, Democrats had a cow over the announcement.

* As an example, here’s what @t_sensei posted on Twitter/X…

“Gee, Green Party–you didn’t think you screwed the country enough the first time? Now you’re going to run Stein AGAIN just so (Trump) can win and spend the next four years grifting, passing tax breaks for his cronies, dismantling the justice system, and rescinding women’s rights?”

* Tears of soy giving us joy!  Gotta love it.

* And just as a reminder, Stein’s supporters had neglected to separate their petitions by congressional district and, at the last minute, a team of Republican volunteers rushed to the election office to help do so before the deadline.

* And as the saying goes, there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics.  Only interests.  And despite the fact that Nevada GOP Chairman Mike McDonald and I haven’t exactly seen eye-to-eye in recent years, gotta give credit where due.

* The call for help came to me from DC at 2:30 pm in the afternoon.  The deadline was 5:00 pm to separate the 29,500 petitions.  So I called Chairman McDonald.  And he was able to rush four volunteers over to lend a hand and help pull it off.

* In this case, true teamwork in pursuit of a common interest.  Exactly the way it should be.  And barring some other reason to keep Ms. Stein off the ballot, leftwing voters who are not happy campers with Biden will have at least one other option.

* Thanks again to the dozen or so unsung GOP heroes who helped make this happen (including my wife and son).

* Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

* “Jihad Jonny” Ralston’s news blog jumped in to assist Democrat Rep. Dina Titus today with a hit piece – “GOP candidate Larsen admits to hiring ‘illegals’” – on leading GOP challenger Flemming Larsen.

* First, Larsen acknowledged that he *might* have hired illegals.  He doesn’t and can’t know for sure.  Why?

* Well, buried in Gabby Birenbaum’s article itself, the business owner notes that the law in California – where his restaurants are located – prohibits employers from asking applicants about their immigration status. So…duh.

* Birenbaum went to write that “wage theft is a prominent issue for immigrant workers in the restaurant industry” even though there’s no indication whatsoever that such a thing has occurred in Larsen’s restaurants.

* What a cheap shot.

* She went on to bemoan Larsen’s use of the term “illegals” for illegal aliens, writing that “immigration advocates have long argued” the term “is dehumanizing and incorrect, considering that entering the country without documentation is not a crime.”

* Not a crime?  Um, they don’t have documentation because they entered our country illegally.  And correct me if I’m wrong, but doing something illegal is, um, a crime by definition.

* Buckle up, GOP candidates. This is an example of the liberal media crap coming your way in the general election.


In the Clark County School Board District C race, I’ve learned that Moms for Liberty has endorsed Frank Friends.  That’s good enough for me, though he remains a long, longshot. His campaign w

It’s not the best candidate who wins, it’s the best campaign.


“I respect the work of the jury but believe this has been a political witch-hunt in a hostile courtroom.  The rule of law should always be applied fairly and without prejudice.  President Trump will have an opportunity to appeal, and I expect an unbiased process will vindicate President Trump.” – Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo, 5/30/24

“Disappointing statement here from @JoeLombardoNV.” – Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Victor Joecks (huh?)

“Fuck you @JoeLombardoNV.  You wouldn’t have been elected had it not been for Donald Trump. You’re an ingrate and a loser. Everyone knows you covered up the Las Vegas shooting too. You are a COWARD. How dare you.” – Laura “Looney Tunes” Loomer (a close ally of Sigal Chattah, another Lombardo hater)

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