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A “NO RINO” Resolution

Some readers have asked for a little help in drafting a potential “NO RINO” (Republican in Name Only) resolution/petition in response to all the elected Republicans who have been supporting tax hikes and others who are helping to raise money for Harry Reid’s re-election campaign.

Hey, just call me Mr. Helper. Here’s one slightly edited from a similar petition being circulated right now at the national level by conservative icon Richard Viguerie. Would make a perfect resolution to be circulated at the Nevada Republican Central Committee next month.

To: Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons
Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio
Assistant Senate Minority Leader Dennis Nolan
Assembly Minority Leader Heidi Gansert
Assistant Assembly Minority Leader Lynn Stewart
Reno Mayor Bob Cashell
Sparks Mayor Geno Martini

Whereas, broadcasters, bloggers and commentators such as Rush Limbaugh are now seen as the de facto leaders of the Republican Party;

Whereas, this result is the natural and inevitable result of the fact that those who are supposed to provide leadership – Republican elected officials – are doing little to stand up to the big-government policies of the Democrat Party;

Whereas, the anger of grassroots conservatives continues unabated towards weak-kneed, spineless, earmark-loving, tax-hiking, Big Government, establishment Republicans;

Whereas, the Republican Party can’t get any traction, because too many elected Republicans are confused and clueless as to how they are supposed to vote on bills to raise taxes, increase spending and grow government;

Whereas, elected Republicans helping to raise money and re-elect Democrats is nothing short of giving aid-and-comfort to the opposition;

Whereas, this problem will continue until all Big Government, anti-conservative Republican politicians are replaced with principled conservative leaders.

Resolved, the signers of this petition will withhold support and contributions from all Big Government Republican politicians and seek to replace them with principled conservatives. Conservatives will no longer tolerate incompetent, weak-kneed, spineless, earmark-loving, tax-hiking, Big Government, establishment Republican leadership, and we demand an immediate return to principled conservatism and elected leaders who will stand up to Democrats in their efforts to increase taxes, increase spending and increase the size and scope of government.


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