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nolan Knows the Nanny State

“Dennis, I hope you are not party to this obscene nanny state bill, that puts us one step closer to an absolute controlled POLICE STATE!!!” wrote Matt Walsh in an email to his state senator, dennis nolan, over a measure to make not wearing a seat belt a primary offense in Nevada.  “I do support our police, but do not care to give unlimited powers to them.  This is a bad bill!”

nolan, in typical nolan fashion, responded via return email that Mr. Walsh must’ve fallen off a turnip truck. “Not only do I support primary seat belt law, I am the primary sponsor!” the senator advised Mr. Walsh proudly.  “I’d be glad to talk to you about why and why your understanding of this bill couldn’t be father from the truth.”


Only the all-knowing nolan knows what’s best for everybody else. How dare rubes such as Mr. Walsh question his wisdom?


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