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Republicans Gone Bad

It’s bad enough that Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons broke his Tax Pledge to the citizens of Nevada by proposing the teachers union’s room tax hike in his budget, and that seven Republicans in the state Assembly – led by Assembly Minority Leader Heidi Gansert and Assistant Assembly Minority Leader Lynn “Bug Man” Stewart – along with four Republicans in the state Senate – led by Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio and Assistant Minority Leader Dennis “The Menace” Nolan – voted for the tax hike.

But now we find out, courtesy of the Ralston Flash – that before Republicans even know who their candidate is going to be against U.S. Sen. Harry Reid next year that two Republican mayors – Reno Mayor Bob Cashell and Sparks Mayor Geno Martini – are helping him raise money for his re-election campaign. Check out the invitation HERE

Remember, though…Chuck Muth is the bad guy. Republicans shouldn’t listen to him. They should listen to Gibbons, Gansert, Stewart, Raggio, Nolan, Cashell and Martini. THEY are the “good” Republicans.

If GOP elected officials want to give aid-and-comfort to Democrats…fine. But they should run for office as “independents,” not Republicans. Backing a Democrat when you’re an elected Republican is a major league spit-in-the-eye to the legions of GOP grassroots volunteers (especially those serving without pay on state and county Central Committees), average voters and small-dollar donors who give their all every cycle to help elect Republicans.

I’m serious, Republicans. You need some bylaws changes and some serious “woodshed” resolutions to put a stop to this crap. Actions which undermine the party such as these should have consequences. Serious consequences. Do I hear a motion on the floor?


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