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A pair of good conservative bills were introduced in the Nevada Legislature by Monday’s submission deadline.

AJR 9, sponsored by freshman Republican Assemblyman Dick McArthur – an original founding member of the Nevada Republican Study Committee – is a resolution urging the state’s congressional delegation to oppose the misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act” which would eliminate the use of secret ballots in union organizing elections.

AJR 12 resurrects former fiscal conservative state Sen. Bob Beers’ tax and spending restraint initiative to cap general fund budget increases at the rate of population growth plus inflation – an idea which, had it been put in place ten years ago, would have kept Nevada’s state government from suffering the budget-cutting “crisis” we face today.

Sadly, none of the Assembly GOP leadership team – Minority Leader Gansert, Assistant Minority Leader “Bug Man” Stewart, northern Whip Goicochea or southern Whip Christensen – found this bill, which enjoys enormous popular support among Nevada’s taxpayers, worthy of co-sponsorship. The measure is being championed by Assemblymen Ed Goedhart, Ty Cobb, Don Gustavson, Tom Grady, Dick McArthur and James Settelmeyer.


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