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Mr. Smith on Goober & the Porkulus

Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith has inked a pair of back-to-back political gems this week.

“If Gov. Jim Gibbons were starring in a Hollywood gangster movie, this would be the moment he realizes he’s about to be rubbed out,” Smith wrote on Tuesday in his column titled, “Nevada Republicans have had enough of Gov. Jimmy Jitters,” which you can read in its entirety HERE

And by channeling his “inner conservative,” Smith hits the pork nail on the head today, though done tongue in cheek.

“Come on, all you die-hard conservatives and daffy Obama critics who these days find yourselves chattering endlessly about the evils of pork barrel politics, ‘earmarks’ and government waste in general,” Smith writes. “This is the time to demand that your local and state officials return the $100 million secured by Senate Majority Leader and Silver State Pork Farmer Supreme Harry Reid in the recent $410 billion federal spending bill.”

Smith is correct. To be philosophically consistent fiscal conservatives should be rejecting the “porkulus.” There is, however, an argument to be had about Nevada being a “donor” state, but we’ll leave that for another day. In the meantime, catch “Let’s do right-wing thing and send that pork back to Washington” HERE


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