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Chuck Muth
  • National (In)Security

    One of the reasons the Air Force’s F-22 Raptor costs some $140 million per plane to build is the United States...

    Chuck MuthApril 21, 2009
  • Late Busty Babe Using BK to Bilk Late Billionaire

    It’s known to lawyers and legal experts as the case of Marshall vs. Marshall. To the rest of us it’s the...

    Chuck MuthApril 21, 2009
  • Yet Another Colossal TSA Embarrassment

    The Boston Globe reported yesterday that only because of an inadvertent mistake by baggage handlers in Boston that it was discovered...

    Chuck MuthApril 20, 2009
  • The Right to Shut the Hell Up

    Thanks to the Tea Parties and other assorted events, I missed commenting on a bill (AB 1) by Assemblyman Lynn Stewart...

    Chuck MuthApril 19, 2009
  • Good Republicans/Bad Republicans

    When Republican Sen. John Ensign voted for the first bailout bill, many conservative Republicans criticized that vote. And when they did,...

    Chuck MuthApril 19, 2009
  • The Gibbons Truth Squad Rides Again

    “After the legislative session Gov. Gibbons will come out very strong because he’s held to his promises,” campaign adviser Robert Olmer...

    Chuck MuthApril 19, 2009
  • Target-Rich, GOP-Free Environment

    If only Republican leaders in the Legislature knew how to hit a big, fat, juicy softball over the fence. Or even...

    Chuck MuthApril 19, 2009
  • Waking the Sleeping Conservative Giant

    In the 1970s war classic Tora! Tora! Tora!, Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is quoted as saying after the Pearl Harbor attack,...

    Chuck MuthApril 17, 2009
  • Scene and Herd at Nevada Tea Parties

    Some quotes and media accounts of yesterday’s wildly successful Tax Day Tea Parties held in Las Vegas and Carson City…

    Chuck MuthApril 16, 2009
  • Las Vegas Tea for Two…Thousand

    More than 2,000 people showed up for the Las Vegas Tax Day Tea Party which Citizen Outreach participated in today –...

    Chuck MuthApril 15, 2009
  • What to Do with Empty School Buildings

    “Six new public schools are supposed to open in the fall,” reports the Las Vegas Review-Journal today, “but Clark County School...

    Chuck MuthApril 15, 2009
  • Setting the Stage for a Royal Screwing

    Legislators in Carson City are clandestinely preparing to nail Nevada citizens with a huge tax hike right smack dab in the...

    Chuck MuthApril 15, 2009
  • Let’s Have the Same Standard for All

    Proponents of making mandatory seat belt use a primary offense, along with opponents of repealing Nevada’s mandatory helmet law for motorcyclists,...

    Chuck MuthApril 15, 2009
  • This is a Priority?

    Taxes, spending, education, health care. Pretty important issues. And yet the Assembly yesterday took time out to pass a bill (AB...

    Chuck MuthApril 15, 2009
  • Annual Trouble-Making

    Let’s face it, as the state goes to hell in a hand-basket economically this year, legislators have wasted almost the entire...

    Chuck MuthApril 15, 2009
  • The End Run

    Blocked by the people and the Constitution from meeting more than 120 days every other year, the Legislature is trying to...

    Chuck MuthApril 15, 2009
  • Oh, the Humanities!

    Faced with the fact that elected officials over the years have built up a government it can no longer afford, public...

    Chuck MuthApril 14, 2009


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