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Obama’s Teachable Moment

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) thinks it’s OK for Fearless Leader to beam his visage directly into American classrooms today for the purpose of, well, whatever this is all about.

Actually, we know. These folks got caught trying to use the schools to prop up both Obama and ObamaCare and had to change direction to make it appear to be something it originally was never intended to be. They aren’t fooling anyone any longer.

In any event, Alexander said on Fox News Sunday that “if I were a teacher, I’d take advantage of it, and I’d put up Lincoln and Eisenhower and Reagan and teach about the presidency, and then I’d put up the head of North Korea and say, ‘In that country, you go to jail if you criticize the president. In our country, you have a constitutional right to do it.’”

As a former Secretary of Education himself, under George the First, you’d think Lamar! would have come up with a better lesson plan than that.

Truth be told, if we want to use this Obama propaganda exercise as a teachable moment, teachers should put up a picture of John Adams, our second president, rather than Kim Jong-il. Teachers should remind students that Adams, aided and abetted by Congress, passed the Sedition Act in 1798 which resulted in people being sent to jail for criticizing the president and other government officials.

It’s right there in the American history books. You could dust off the covers and look it up.

Or maybe now would be a good time to remind students how the aforementioned President Lincoln unilaterally suspended the constitutional right of habeas corpus for anyone deemed “guilty of any disloyal practice affording aid and comfort to the rebels against the authority of the United States.”

Rather than trotting out the boogie man of a deranged psychotic FOB in North Korea, perhaps it would be more instructive to teach our kids how presidents and Congress continue to whittle away at our constitutional rights a little at a time. Perhaps today would be a good time to teach about McCain-Feingold and the Kelo decision.

While we’re at it, how about teaching why the very federal Department of Education which is distributing the Obama propaganda is unconstitutional. Oh, and maybe how a “right” to health care is nowhere to be found in the Constitution and the reason why this was left out by the Founding Fathers.

Class dismissed.


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