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Raggio’s RINOs

“State Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio warned today that a citizens committee expected to propose changes in taxes and state spending to improve the quality of life in Nevada must not be filled with ‘tax users’ for its recommendations to win public acceptance,” reported the Las Vegas Review-Journal this week.

“The stakeholder group cannot be lopsided,” Raggio said. “It has to be balanced. It cannot be tilted in favor of whose who receive taxes, rather than those who pay the taxes.”

Too bad Sen. Raggio doesn’t feel the same way about Republican candidates he and his caucus endorsed this week. Indeed, whether or not a candidate signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge (promising to take tax hikes off the table if elected) was obviously a litmus test for Sir Bill and the Gang.

Only Pledge-signers Sen. Barbara Cegavske and Assemblyman James Settelmeyer got Sir Bill’s nod – Cegavske because she’s an incumbent and Settelmeyer because he’s running against another Republican, former Carson City Mayor Ray Masayko, who also took the Pledge.

Clearly, Sen. Raggio is attempting to tilt the Republican Senate Caucus in favor of those who support higher taxes rather than toward those who pledge to protect those who would have to pay those higher taxes.

Is that Raggio recall ready to roll yet, or what? You know we have a special session coming up soon, right?


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