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Not Goin’ Postal

You just can’t make some things up.

The United States Postal Service is bleeding red ink like a baby seal in a tiger shark’s mouth (sorry, been watching a lot of the nature channel with the kids lately).  And in an effort to save about a million smackeroos out of an expected$7 billion loss this year, post office honchos have decided to shift some work from over-burdened Las Vegas to Phoenix, where workers are spending a good chunk of their day twiddling their little unionized fingers.

Naturally, postal workers in Las Vegas have their tights in a twist over the proposal.  So they wrote Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) a letter begging him to intervene.  And here’s the punchline, according to today’s Las Vegas Sun:

They hand-delivered the letter to Reid’s office “rather than risk it being delayed by the post office.”

Like I said, I couldn’t make this one up.


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