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Ensign Backs Tax Hike

As we’ve discovered recently, Sen. John Ensign’s record on keeping promises, pledges and vows ain’t so great. So it should come as no real surprise that he’s broken his Taxpayer Protection Pledge by promoting and voting for the Travel Promotion Act.

That bill would penalize every tourist from another country who wishes to travel to, say, Nevada by slapping a new $10 “fee” on every visa obtained to travel to, say, Nevada.

Taxation without representation all in the name of….promoting tourism? Does anyone else wonder if John Ensign can see his pancreas from where his head is these days?

As any good conservative will tell you, you get less of what you tax more – which is why, if we have to raise taxes somewhere, I’ve always been a big supporter of taxing welfare benefits.

In any event, you don’t increase tourism to Nevada by raising the cost of a visa. Or the room tax, for that matter. You increase tourism by slashing prices and giving more bang for the buck.

Oh, geez. I’m sorry. I promised not to use the word “bang” in any more John Ensign stories. My bad.


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