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Chuck Muth
  • Ax the Tax

    Get this: In Delaware (not exactly a hotbed of right-wing extremism) last week, Republicans in the House of Representatives “voted as...

    Chuck MuthJune 23, 2009
  • And the Apology Tour Begins

    “Sen. John Ensign apologized to fellow Republican senators today, delivering a speech colleagues said was ‘contrite’ and ‘respectful,’” reports the Las...

    Chuck MuthJune 23, 2009
  • Who’d a Thunk It?

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that “Existing-home sales rose a second month in a row during May, but...

    Chuck MuthJune 23, 2009
  • All About John

    Sun reporter Michael Mishak notes that few Republicans are openly coming to John Ensign’s defense now that he’s in deep doo-doo...

    Chuck MuthJune 22, 2009
  • Help Wanted: Peter Pan Delivery Drivers

    Conservatives continue to find themselves split in the fight between FedEx and UPS over a bill to place FedEx Express drivers...

    Chuck MuthJune 20, 2009
  • When it Pays to be White

    Now this was funny. I took the girls to a Daddy-Daughter Dance last weekend at the East Las Vegas Community Center....

    Chuck MuthJune 18, 2009
  • All the President’s Perks

    Recall the University Chancellor Jim Rogers and his minions at the Nevada System of Higher Education have been claiming for a...

    Chuck MuthJune 18, 2009
  • The Hardy Boys

    Republican state Sen. Warren Hardy (R-Las Vegas) has decided not to risk running for re-election after voting for the Billion Dollar...

    Chuck MuthJune 18, 2009
  • John Ensign: Promise Breaker

    What is it with Republican elected officials in Nevada and their marriages these days?

    Chuck MuthJune 16, 2009
  • Wet-Nursing FedEx

    In a recent editorial (“Kneecapping FedEx” – June 9, 2009) the Washington Times maintains that an amendment being proposed by Rep....

    Chuck MuthJune 15, 2009
  • Rush to Defend FedEx is Wrong

    Folks claiming that talk-show host Rush Limbaugh speaks for conservatives are off the mark. Rush speaks to conservatives, not for them....

    Chuck MuthJune 14, 2009
  • Operation RINO Hunt

    The Clark County Republican Party took a HUGE step in the “right” direction last Tuesday evening when it overwhelmingly voted in...

    Chuck MuthJune 13, 2009
  • Time for Elected Republicans to Pay Franchise Fee

    In California, state Republican legislators who run on the GOP’s name, use GOP resources, use GOP volunteers and owe their elections...

    Chuck MuthJune 13, 2009
  • Close the Tax-Hike Loophole

    In the winter of 2008, the teachers union put a gun to gaming’s head and demanded that they do something to...

    Chuck MuthJune 12, 2009
  • Liberal Paper Embraces Vouchers?

    The Las Vegas Sun’s liberal editorial page on Thursday endorsed a congressional proposal to give people “vouchers of up to $4,500...

    Chuck MuthJune 12, 2009
  • GOP Foot-Soldiers Leading Conservative Uprising

    As kids we were taught that actions have consequences. But for years now moderate Republican elected officials in Nevada have been...

    Chuck MuthJune 11, 2009
  • The Further Misadventures of Li’l Nate

    The following is a combined report on Nathan Taylor and last night’s special meeting of the Clark County Central Committee at...

    Chuck MuthJune 10, 2009


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