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All the President’s Perks

Recall the University Chancellor Jim Rogers and his minions at the Nevada System of Higher Education have been claiming for a year and a half now that there’s just nowhere to cut in the university budget. Nowhere. And yet now we hear that the president of UNLV is doing a lousy job and is married to the ghost of Marie Antoinette.

And what have Nevada’s citizens been paying to obtain the mediocre services of President David Ashley and “the First Lady”?

According to a story in Wednesday’s Las Vegas Review-Journal, “$170,000 privately funded by the UNLV Foundation and a salary of $246,424.” In addition, the man with the $15,000 desk in his office also receives “an $18,000 annual housing allowance, and $8,000 car allowance and a $5,000 hosting account for a total of $447,424 in annual compensation.”

Oh, and let’s not forget his health insurance, retirement benefits and the fact that he was granted “tenure” immediately upon accepting the job and has to be given a teaching job at UNLV if he’s canned as president.

But remember, there’s no place to cut in the university system budget. Nowhere.


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