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Man-Eaters: 12 Animals That Have Eaten Humans



(Photo credit: Pixabay)

(Photo credit: Pixabay)

3. Lions

All lions can be deadly to humans and have track records to prove it. But the man-eating lions of Tsavo, Kenya have a particularly notorious, blood-thirsty reputation when it comes to feasting on human flesh.

“In 1898, two lions terrorized crews constructing a railroad bridge over the Tsavo River, killing—according to some estimates—135 people. ‘Hundreds of men fell victims to these savage creatures, whose very jaws were steeped in blood,’ wrote a worker on the railway, a project of the British colonial government. ‘Bones, flesh, skin and blood, they devoured all, and left not a trace behind them.’” (Source: Smithsonian Magazine)


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