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Get Ready to Rock at the 2024 Conservative Awards Dinner!

I’m of the firm belief that folks who attend our fundraising events should be rewarded for showing their financial support by us showing them a good time – not subjecting them to a lot of boring political speeches.

Our two sold-out dinners last year included “Pastapalooza” on National Spaghetti Day and a professional Murder/Mystery comedy show in which former Assemblywoman Annie Black was caught knocking off political rivals.

Good times, good times.

Our next dinner will be on May 1st for this year’s 2024 Conservative Awards & Volunteer Appreciation Night – followed by Ryan Bueter and Donny Scott’s Killer Dueling Pianos show.

If you’ve never been to such a show, you don’t know what you’ve been missing.  Here’s what’s in store for you…

“Step into a world where music takes center stage and the keys come alive with energy! At the Killer Dueling Pianos show, guests are in for a thrilling musical experience like no other. Two incredibly talented pianists go head-to-head, playing a wide array of songs from various genres and eras, all based on audience requests.

“From rock ‘n’ roll classics to pop hits, country favorites to iconic ballads, the repertoire is vast and the energy is infectious. Guests can expect to be dazzled by the musicians’ skill and entertained by their witty banter and playful competition.

“But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Attendees are encouraged to participate by requesting their favorite songs. Whether it’s a nostalgic tune that brings back fond memories or a current chart-topper that gets everyone dancing, the pianists are ready to take on any challenge.

“As the night progresses, the music builds to a crescendo, creating an electrifying atmosphere that will have everyone on their feet and singing along. It’s an unforgettable evening filled with music, laughter, and the thrill of a live performance.”

I’ve invoked my Grand Imperial Pooh-Bah Power and have already submitted my request of my favorite all-time song.  Can anybody guess what it is?

Now here’s the thing…

Anyone at the event can submit a written request of any song they want – providing Ryan and Donny know it, which they likely do.  However, the performers generally give priority to requests that come with “tip” money for the performers attached.

And a request with a $5 bill attached will likely get played before requests with a $1 bill attached; a request with a $20 bill attached will likely get played before a request with a $10 bill attached, etc.

Oh, and this is fun, too…

Let’s say someone like George Harris attaches $1 to hear, say, a Taylor Swift song.  But then someone like Bill Laub (gratefully) outbids George with $5 to NOT play the song. I love a good bidding war!

But it gets better.  Ryan and Donny are donating all of their tips to the Pigpen Project!

That’s the good news.

The bad news is (sort of) … we’re already sold out!

We offered tables-of-eight to sponsors before individual general admission tickets were supposed to go on sale today…and every one has already been snatched up.

But don’t despair yet.  There’s still a chance you won’t be shut out of this rip-roarin’ good time.

I’ve created a first-come/first-served waiting list and will keep a master list of folks wishing to attend.  And if any tickets become available, we’ll call or email you and let you know, in the order your requests come in.

If you want to get on the waiting list, here’s what to do…

  • Send an email to
  • Write in the subject line: “Waiting List”
  • In the body of the email, include your name, best email address, and best phone number to reach you.
  • Keep your fingers crossed!

This event is gonna be a blast.  Looking forward to seeing many of you there.


P.S.  We’ve added a new award to the program: “Californian of the Year.”

It’ll go to a Nevadan who has actively tried to turn the Great State of Nevada into the Great Liberal Hellhole that Gavin Newsom’s California has become.  Sadly, the competition for this award – a horse’s ass trophy – has been fierce.

Stay tuned for the announcement of all of this year’s award recipients – Conservative of the Year, Rising Star, Courage Under Fire, Unsung Hero, and the Reagan Legacy Award – in the next couple of days.

P.P.S.  I have a friend and associate from back in my DC days who supports our Pigpen Project to clean up the voter rolls.  And she has offered to match $25,000 to expand the project statewide IF we raise $25,000 or more in sponsorships.

We’re already more than halfway there, so if you’re looking for a really good cause to invest in, this is it!  You can still sponsor online by clicking here or just pop an old-fashioned check in the mail to the address on the website.


“O.J. Simpson Excited for God to Tell Him Who Real Killer Was.” – Babylon Bee

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