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Muth’s Truths PLUS: April 19, 2024

* I’ve been pretty much sidelined the last few weeks while ghost-writing a new book but am ready to get back in the saddle.  Lots to cover these day!

* But let me first warn and apologize for the profane language used by a pair of “Republican” candidates at the end of this issue.  And with that out of the way, let’s roll…

* The Nevada Supreme court yesterday reversed a lower court decision that had struck down the Legislature’s 2021 ban on so-called “ghost guns.”  The bill was sponsored by rabid gun-grabber Assembly Majority Leader Sandra Jauregui – a Democrat, of course.

* She will likely be opposed in November by Republican Rafael Arroyo.  Arroyo is a solid candidate who will protect your gun rights, not shred them.  You can invest a few bucks to oust Jauregui by clicking here.

* Nevada Republican Assemblywoman Danielle Gallant is under attack by residents of Oakland, California, after posting a video describing the city as “like a Third World country with the amount of homeless that are lining the streets and the amount of crime that is being committed on a daily basis there.”

* She’s not wrong.  Refreshing candor.  But Oaklanders – who are still butt-hurt over losing their A’s baseball team to Sin City – are blistering her on social media.

* KLAS Channel 8 reported yesterday that “Some commenters on the videos said they would support her opponent in the upcoming election.”  Good luck with that.  She’s running unopposed.  Duh.

* Don’t back down, Dani.  Keep calling a spade a spade.

* The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce is about as worthless as the proverbial teats on a bull.

* It released a list of endorsed candidates today.  Of the eight most “flippable” seats for Gov. Joe Lombardo and the GOP, the Chamber only endorsed two Republicans.

* Business owners would be better served joining the LATIN Chamber of Commerce.

* Las Vegas taxpayers took another one in the shorts yesterday after the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the city council unlawfully snatched 35 acres of land – formerly a section of the Badlands Golf Course – from the owner without compensation and awarded him $48 million.

* But, as the Las Vegas Review-Journal warned today, that’s but “a fraction of the city’s potential liability.”  The 35-acre tract is one of four in dispute.  The city has already lost three of the cases at the district court level and is likely to also lose the fourth.

* When all is said and done, the city’s taxpayers could well be on the hook for well over a half-billion dollars!

* Taxpayers can thank the Las Vegas city council for snatching the land unlawfully – at the behest of some politically-connected wealthy homeowners adjacent to the property – and then refusing to settle with developer Yohan Lowie years ago when they had the chance.

* Only then-City Councilman Bob Beers saw this coming and warned his colleagues against it.  They ignored him and continued to approve millions in taxpayer-funded attorney fees to fight this losing battle.

* One of those councilmembers, Cedric Crear, is now running for mayor.  He should be rejected on this issue alone.  The man doesn’t have the good sense and judgment for the position.  Taxpayers simply can’t afford him.

* Meanwhile, in other news: 55 taxpayer-funded government employees at the Department of Family Services in Clark County will be getting brand new cars at a cost of more than $2 million.

* But not just any new cars; electric-powered Ford Mustang Mach-E’s!

* The county’s spokesman said the EV’s were chosen “over traditional internal combustion-powered (gas) vehicles” in an effort to combat global warming.

* In reality, taxpayers were taken for a ride…again.  Getting Republican April Becker on the currently all-Democrat Clark County Commission can’t come soon enough!

* There’s some goofball Republican named Josh Stacey running in a primary for State Senate District 6 in Clark County against Battle Born Republican Women President Jill Douglass.

* And I’m so sad to report I seem to have somehow gotten under the skin of the little schmendrick.  He posted the following on Twitter yesterday (Warning: potty-mouth language ahead) …

“Chuck, your new name is fuckstick Chuck.  Why fuckstick?  Because only a fuckstick would run a hit piece on a pretty great guy and try to turn a nothingburger into a story. … Alright fuckstick Chuck, want to apologize for trying to subvert democracy?”

* Don’t hold your breath.  And as John Gielgud of the hit movie “Arthur” would say, “Normally, someone would have to go to a bowling alley to meet someone of your stature.”

* The funny part is, I didn’t run the alleged “hit piece” – which didn’t even have anything to do Stacey. It was about a different candidate and was published by the Nevada Globe.  All I did was retweet the link.

* But little Joshy’s got nothing in the potty-mouth department over bat-sh*t crazy Republican Nye County school board member Chelsy Fischer – “Nevada’s AOC.”

* “Fuck Lombardo,” she wrote in a text message that was forwarded to me.  “He’s a sell-out piece of shit.”

* She went on to huff-and puff that critics of her deranged rantings “drew first blood,” adding that it was a “dumb fucking choice” and “people better stop poking the beehive” because the “gloves are off.”

* Oooo.  The lions in their dens tremble at her approach!

* She also claims that former conservative Assemblyman John Ellison – who she’s running against in the GOP primary for State Senate and has been endorsed by Gov. Lombardo – is being funded by the Communist Chinese.

* She also incessantly and pathetically bleats that men are “sexualizing” her.  After a Twitter commenter, Bill Post, told her to “Stop with the botox,” mini-AOC responded…

“I haven’t had Botox in two years which is why you can see my fore head wrinkles. #idiot this is natural because I’m only 34 and not a washed up old sleeze ball like you.”

* Remember, this foul-mouthed, grammatically-challenged, self-absorbed, lunatic is on a SCHOOL BOARD.  Nye County must be so proud.


“I’m pro choice but they only push hard to allow it (abortion) because it came a huge profit margin for them. Adult women still can’t get elective sterilizations on demand. We have much work to do.” – Chelsy Fischer


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