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WHEW…Did I Ever Dodge a Bullet!

(Chuck Muth) – OMG!  OMG!  OMG!

I almost got kicked out of the Republican Party last night.  Lordy, lordy…how would I ever be able to live with myself?  The sleepless nights.  The breaking out in a cold sweat.  The shame, shame, shame of it all.

Woe is me!  Woe is me!

We now return you to reality…

As Joe Biden would say, here’s the deal.

The Clark County Republican Party held its central committee meeting last night.  And my group, Citizen Outreach, held a small, sold-out cocktail reception featuring soon-to-be conservative Republican State Sen. Jeff Stone at the same time.

It wasn’t intentional.  Scheduling conflicts occur all the time between competing events. The fact is, when we originally scheduled our Politics on the Rocks back on August 26, I specifically advised folks to “Save the Date” for Wednesday, September 21.

And the only reason we changed it was because our guest-of-honor ended up having a scheduling conflict of his own.  And because I walked away from party politics years ago, I had no idea the CCRP was meeting on that night.

Which is exactly what I told Chairman Jesse Law when, to his credit, he called me yesterday morning to clear the air.

And for the record, I supported Jesse last year during that contentious race for CCRP chair.  I certainly bear him no ill will and look forward to the day when we include him in the prestigious “Ex-Chairman’s Club” – which is the best kind of chairman to be.

That job is, at best, thankless.

And frankly, if I HAD known about his scheduled meeting, I would have probably changed our date, especially since so many CCRP members told me they otherwise would have joined us for Politics on the Rocks.

So with that out of the way, here’s what went down at that CCRP meeting which was live-streamed and recorded by The Johnny Bru Show on Facebook.  So I’m not giving this to you second-hand.

Chris Dyer introduced a resolution to censure The Island of Misfit Republicans who have come together to form “Republicans for Ford” – a group of about a dozen Republicans who are backing incumbent Democrat Attorney General  A.Ron Ford against his Republican opponent, Sigal “The Jew Who Saved Christmas” Chattah.

“I am here to propose a resolution to censure un-Republicans who are supporting Democrats,” Dyer began.  He asked members to pass the resolution “after we add Chuck Muth’s name to it.”

I guess he’s still mad that I endorsed him in last June’s GOP primary.

That’s right.  This “un-Republican” actually endorsed Chris in his losing race for Assembly District 1.  So now it all makes sense (not).

Anyway, a discussion ensued and I want to set the record straight on some of the things said…

First, what folks like Chris are, understandably, unhappy with is that I defended the Nevada Firearms Coalition for its dual-endorsement of Republican Secretary of State candidate Jim Marchant and Independent American Party candidate Janine Hansen.

As I noted in a Muth’s Truths post a couple days ago, Janine – unlike the Democrat candidate in the race, The Cisco Kid – is a principled conservative who is also eminently qualified for the position being sought.

And yes, I fully understand that a vote for Janine instead of Marchant could very well tip a close race into the Democrats’ corner.

But the reality is, a number of Republicans aren’t happy with Marchant, for a variety of reasons, and are willing to accept that outcome.  As one wrote to me this morning…

“In my view, Janine Hansen is clearly the most qualified for the position of Secretary of State this election cycle and will get my vote. If this means that ultimately the job goes to a democrat – so be it.”

Not saying it’s right.  Not saying it’s wrong.  Just saying it is what it is.  And hiding your head in the sand ain’t gonna change it.  If Marchant wants those votes, he’s got to earn them.

Secondly, I never endorsed Janine.  I specifically wrote in a follow-up Muth’s Truths that “Personally, I haven’t made up my mind on this race yet.”  But even if I did endorse Janine, she’s NOT a Democrat like the others who Dyer sought to censure.

Moving on…

Chairman Law rightly noted that I was NOT part of the Island of Misfit Republicans who formed Republicans for Ford.

Ex-Chairman David Gibbs then spoke in opposition to the motion, noting that he and I have had our share of respectful disagreements over the years, but “Chuck Muth has not endorsed anyone in this race.”

Eddie Facey took the mic in opposition to the motion, arguing that he didn’t even know if I was a registered Republican.

“(Chuck’s) normal routine,” Eddie alleged, “is that he will register as a Republican before a primary and go back to being a non-partisan.”

Not true.

Yes, in the mid-2000’s – after Republicans in DC thoroughly screwed the pooch after being handed the White House AND both houses of Congress – I did re-register as a non-partisan.  But I returned to the fold in, I think, 2011 when Cindy Lake, who I greatly admired, was chairman.

Then in 2020, to demonstrate the absolute stupidity of same-day registration, I did switch parties to DEMOCRAT and caucused for Bernie Sanders since there was no GOP presidential primary and I thought Bernie would be easier for Donald Trump to beat than Biden.

After joking that maybe I’d remain a Democrat and form “Democrats for Trump,” I switched back to the GOP a few days later and remain a registered Republican to this day.

Next, Nevada Republican Party Executive Director Alida Benson took the floor in opposition to the motion, noting that I “expressed an opinion” and “didn’t endorse someone,” adding that “it’s an opinion I disagree with.”

Fair enough.  Reasonable minds can agree to disagree.  And I like Alida.

Then perennial, gadfly candidate Eddie “The Wheel is Turning but the Hamster’s Dead” Hamilton – rose in favor of the motion.

“Chuck, endorsing Janine Hansen, can tip the balance; take away votes from Jim Marchant,” he thundered from his scrambled-egg cranium.  “You gotta show some guts!”

Except, um, as noted by everyone else and confirmed by what I, you know, actually wrote, I did NOT endorse Janine Hansen.  But as everyone knows, Mr. Hamilton resides in an alternate universe where unicorns rule the world.

At that point, Chairman Law called for a vote to add me to the censure resolution.  It was roundly defeated by over 2/3 of the members.

WHEW!  Lord knows how much sleep I’d have lost otherwise.

The members then overwhelmingly approved the resolution to censure The Island of Misfit Republicans for endorsing A.Ron Ford and other Democrats.

So at least Dyer didn’t go away completely empty-handed.  And the beat goes on…


“Biden was on 60 Minutes. I heard he asked how long the show was.” – Comedian Tim Allen

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