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A Surprising Twist in the Nevada Secretary of State’s Race

(Chuck Muth) – This is interesting…

The Nevada Firearms Coalition PAC today made a dual endorsement in the Nevada Secretary of State’s race: Republican Jim Marchant AND Independent American Janine Hansen.

While some Republicans have endorsed Democrats in various races this cycle for a variety of reasons, Hansen is a rock-solid conservative alternative who is arguably far more qualified for the position than the other two candidates put together.  Start with this…

Janine has been an UNPAID conservative citizen-lobbyist in Nevada during every legislative session since 1971!

She not only reads the bills (a radical idea, to be sure), but she has the uncanny ability to root out liberal “poison pill” provisions she finds hidden in them that would hurt or undermine the conservative cause.  And she ain’t shy about exposing them.

While you may not agree with Janine on every issue, I’d venture to say she may be the single most-informed and experienced political operative in all of Carson City – especially on issues related to elections.

Unlike others who only “discovered” election security AFTER the 2020 general election, Janine was front-and-center testifying against the “temporary” special session election changes in August 2020 at the Legislature, as well as during the regular session in 2021 when Democrats made them permanent.

“Because the Democrats have a majority in both houses of the Legislature and the Governor does not mean it is wise to change the time-honored election process in Nevada into one which mirrors California’s,” she testified.

“When you choose to implement all mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, electronic rather than human signature verification, you simply perpetuate and exacerbate the feelings of distrust in the election process.”

Yes, Janine was for election security before election security was cool.

She was also named Citizen Outreach’s “Conservative of the Year” in 2009.  Here’s what I wrote about her at the time…

“If you were a conservative interested in not only knowing what the Legislature was up to on an almost-daily basis, all you had to do was subscribe to Janine’s free email updates.

“Not only did she explain what bills were coming forward, why they were good or bad, and who to call or email to urge ‘yes’ or ‘no’ votes, but Janine explained the complexities of the legislative process to us in a way that the average citizen and taxpayer could understand.

“Oh, and did I mention that she did this by driving to and from Carson City each week from ELKO?

“For those who might not know Janine and her full story, here’s a Reader’s Digest version of just a few highlights: She’s been a major pro-life leader since the Roe v. Wade decision, president of the Nevada Eagle Forum since 1974, executive director of the Independent American Party, legislative candidate, ballot initiative champion, radio talk show host, and leader of the anti-ERA movement.”

Now, I’m sure some partisan Republicans will be upset over NvFAC’s dual endorsement of Janine Hansen for Nevada Secretary of State in 2022.

I’m not one of them.

Unlike the Democrats some Republicans have endorsed this cycle, Janine is both conservative AND qualified for the position.  Conservative Nevadans can vote for her with a clear conscience.

“Politics on the Rocks” Happy Hour TOMORROW!

Citizen Outreach will kick off its new-and-improved (but not lemon-scented) “happiest conservative happy hour” get-together tomorrow night at the Ahern Freedom Hotel in Las Vegas (free parking!) from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.

And to answer a couple of inquiries…

We had originally scheduled this event for Wednesday night.  However, our VIP guest-of-honor – soon-to-be Nevada State Sen. Jeff Stone – had a scheduling conflict come up and we had to move it to tomorrow night…

Which, as it turns out and unbeknownst to us, is the same night as the Clark County GOP’s central committee meeting.  So you have a choice…

You can go to the central committee meeting and argue over bylaws, Robert’s Rules of Order, and why Billy was mean to Sally, or…

You can come hang out with us in a small, intimate gathering of conservatives for some leisurely social conversations where adult beverage will flow and all the world’s problems will be solved…

And the only “rule” is to…HAVE FUN!

While the ticket price is only $1 – our way of combatting Bidenflation – there are only 50 tickets available and we’re almost sold out.

So to make sure you get past the velvet rope and are ushered into the newly-redesigned Ahern Theater (second floor) for tomorrow’s Politics on the Rocks, click here to purchase your ticket today.

Be there…or be talked about!


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