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Follow-Up: Marchant vs. Hansen

(Chuck Muth) – Always appreciate the feedback I get from subscribers to Muth’s Truths, even when we disagree and especially on controversial topics – such as yesterday’s item on the 2022 Nevada Secretary of State’s race.

For example, I received this email from Mike L…

“I think your article will result in a split of the conservative votes and ushering in of the Demoncrat candidate. Bottom line result – NO voter integrity in Nevada and you’re helping the state along in its death spiral while blowing the best chance we’ll ever have to turn the tides. Respectfully, you ef’d up this time worse than the party, big time.”

Fair enough.  Legitimate opinion.  So let’s continue the conversation…

First, this is an open seat.  Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske – who’s been unfairly blamed for everything short of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping over the last two years – is termed out.

The Democrat candidate is the Cisco Aguilar.  The Republican candidate is Jim Marchant.  The Independent American Party (IAP) candidate is Janine Hansen.  And the Libertarian Party (LP) candidate is Ross Crane.

The Cisco Kid is a Democrat.  I’m not going for that.  Dems have done enough damage to the state’s election system already.

And I can’t even find a website for Mr. Crane, so he’s out.

Now…as I wrote back to a couple of subscribers…I’m a conservative first; a Republican second.  And no Republican candidate has a “right” to my vote simply because they have an “R” after their name.

Think…Liz Cheney.

That said, after three decades in this biz – I didn’t exactly fall off the turnip truck last night – I’m fully aware that the LP and IAP candidates in the general election can siphon votes from the GOP candidate in any given race – enough votes to throw the race to the Democrats.

And I’ve urged conservative GOP candidates to reach out to the LP and IAP folks well before an election to see if they can find common ground and, maybe, those third parties *might* not field a candidate in that particular race.

Marchant obviously didn’t take that advice…or he simply wasn’t acceptable to them for whatever reason.

Personally, I haven’t made up my mind on this race yet.  So don’t shoot the messenger.

But as I noted yesterday, Hansen is both a conservative AND eminently qualified for the job.  And if you’re a Republican who can’t bring yourself to vote for Marchant, for whatever reason, Janine is an alternative conservatives can vote for in good conscience.

Or there’s always “None of the Above.”

Both of which could throw the race to the Democrats if it’s close.  And voters who choose either of those options know it.  They’re making a principled decision in their minds, not an ignorant one.  They, too, didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

I’ll close with this: It’s not the GOP voter’s obligation to vote for whoever the Republican candidate is in any given race.  It’s the obligation of the Republican candidates to EARN our votes.

And they now only have just 49 days to do so.

P.S.  Happy Birthday to my Mom and brother Scott!  And happy anniversary to my sister Terry and brother-in-law Dennis.

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