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#FreeBrittany UPDATE: Sex Extortion Demand by Bail Bully Exposed

(Chuck Muth) – For those of you who have been following the outrageous saga of Brittany Sheehan – a Las Vegas mother arrested for supposedly kidnapping her own daughter from a California government school! – here’s an update…

Brittany was out on bail awaiting additional court hearings on her case.  The person who guaranteed her bail bond (the “indemnitor”) was Nephi Oliva, otherwise known as Nafi Khaliki, and heretofore referred to as Knee-High Ka-Leaky-Leaky since he can’t seem to settle on a name for himself.

Two weeks ago, Knee-High had Brittany re-arrested in Las Vegas and transported across state lines in shackles by the Brooks Brothers bail company, which is owned by embattled Nevada University Regent Byron Brooks.

According to Knee-High, Brittany was a “flight risk” because of a text message she sent purportedly telling him he’d never find her.  But what Knee-High didn’t tell the bail company or the courts is that the message had nothing to do with skipping bail but keeping him from harassing her.

Jennifer Van Laar of the conservative national newsblog has been reporting on Brittany’s situation since Day One (California School Presses Kidnapping, Burglary Charges Against a Mom Who Legally Signed Her Child Out of School).

And Jennifer provided the REAL story behind Knee-High’s claim in a blog post today

“Nephi Oliva is taking one comment from a text conversation where he was discussing his willingness to pay the remainder of her bond premium if she would have $5,000 worth of sex with him and using his status as indemnitor to threaten her, and Brittany’s response that she wouldn’t be anywhere he could find her, as his basis for saying she was a flight risk.”


The truth is, Brittany was never a “flight risk.”  Indeed, she has shown up for every court hearing thus far.

Brittany wasn’t trying to hide from the courts.  She was trying to hide from a low-life POS who was seeking sex from her in return for guaranteeing her bail and threatening to have her re-arrested if she refused to sleep with him.

That’s going to be another case for another time AFTER we get Brittany out of the Madera County gulag.

The bottom line: Brittany refused Ka-Leaky-Leaky’s sexual extortion – and this pathetic, horny, love-sick, broken-hearted, jilted, tub-of-shinola had her re-arrested.

Jennifer and I and some others have been working behind-the-scenes to get Brittany released ever since.  The ineptitude of the Madera County government bureaucracy – along with Knee-High’s BS about her allegedly being a “flight risk” – has made that challenging, to say the least.

But here’s where we are right now in a nutshell…

We’ve been able to get Brit’s bail reduced to $50,000.  And we’ve found a reputable bail bond company in California that has agreed to set up a payment plan for Brittany to cover the $5,000 down payment.

In addition, Jennifer and I have signed onto the new bail bond as the “indemnitors” guaranteeing her bond so Brittany won’t have to suffer Knee-High’s threats and alleged sexual extortion any longer.

Jennifer has also gotten Brittany a new job, which she’ll be able to start the minute she’s released.

Jennifer has, at the time of publication, raised $2,000 of the $5,000 Brittany needs for the down payment on the bond.  So we still need to raise an additional $3,000, plus raise the money needed for a new attorney who’s been retained to handle her case.

Now, if you’ll recall, when this whole fuster-cluck started and I wrote about it on December 4, I did NOT include a link to donate to Brittany’s defense.

That was because I knew the fund was being administered by Ka-Leaky-Leaky.  And while I didn’t know him, his reputation as a hustler and fast-talking bullschevick artist preceded him.  So I just had a bad feeling about the guy…which has since been validated.

But now that I’ve co-signed for Brittany’s bail bond, I’ve found someone we can TRUST who has set up an actual PAC and will use any monies raised for the sole purpose of getting her out of the Cali-gulag and paying for her legal defense.

If you want to join me and Jennifer in helping Brittany and her daughter, please kick in a few bucks ($10, $25, $50, $100 or more) by clicking on this link.

Or, if you prefer, you can donate directly to Jennifer via Venmo or PayPal.  She promises to “provide documentation for all of the money going to the bail bond company, and if there’s more than we need it’ll be used to get her from Madera to Las Vegas and for her legal fees.”

Lastly, and just for the record, I’d only met Brittany once before the spit hit the spam in December and have only talked to her a couple of times since via phone or email.

So I’m not doing this because she’s a friend or a business client or anything like that.

I’m doing this, despite her being a virtual stranger, because she’s been royally screwed over by California’s screwed up legal and court system, and double-screwed over by Knee-High Ka-Leaky-Leaky and Byron Brooks’ bail bond company.

She doesn’t deserve what’s happened.  And I simply can’t, and won’t, turn my back on her.

Hoping you won’t either.


P.P.S.  Despite my advice to Knee-High that he just drop this whole thing and go our separate ways, he’s instead launched an online jihad against me.  Which is fine.  I’ve had to deal with plenty of beta-male soy-boys (hello, Jon Ralston) huffing-and-puffing about me for years.

But he’s also gone after my wife, Gia.

And that’s NOT OK.  Gia has nothing whatsoever to do with any of this.  But if that’s how Ka-Leaky-Leaky wants to play it, I’ll deal with him later…AFTER we get Brittany out and home safe and sound.

So again, if you can kick in a few dollars to her defense fund I linked to above, that would be greatly appreciated.


“I have Mr. Muth by the proverbial balls.  All I have to do is squeeze.” – Knee-High Ka-Leaky-Leaky, aka Nephi Oliva, aka Nafi Khaliki (be careful what you wish for)

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