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UPDATE: “Free Brittany” Saga Takes Another Bad Turn

(Chuck Muth)Nephi Oliva (aka, Nafi Khaliki), the promoter of a “once-a-year mass CCW event at the Clark County Library” on April 10th, emailed a couple weeks ago asking me to promote his shindig.

I declined because of allegations that he absconded with the GoFundMe money raised for Brittany Sheehan’s defense and hacked her Facebook account.

If you missed my “Free Brittany” blog post detailing her story, click here.

In short, Brittany had custody of her daughter after a messy divorce.  She allowed the daughter to spend a few weeks last summer with her father in California.  But the father decided not to send her back to Vegas and enrolled her in a Madera County school.

So Brittany drove to Madera, got her daughter out of school, and brought her back home.  She was then arrested for supposedly kidnapping her own daughter who she had legal custody of.  Outrageous.

Anyway, my response to Nephi was: “When you make things right with Brittany Sheehan, then we can talk.”  Which apparently really p*ssed him off.  He replied…

“Making things right with Brittany Sheehan involves me putting her back in jail.” 

He went on to claim I was hurting the Republican Party, the gun rights cause and “all the candidates investing time, money, and effort into this” event by declining to promote it.

Be advised: This is NOT a party event.  It’s his.

Nevertheless, my polite parting response was: “Just let it go and let’s go our separate ways.  Good luck to you.”

Well, on Wednesday morning around 11:00 am I received a new email from Nephi that read…

“I took your advice and made things right with Brittani this morning. I appreciate you giving me the encouragement I needed to do the right thing.”

Dummy me, I thought he was genuine and being serious.  But I decided to first confirm with Brit that the dispute had been settled.  So I texted her and asked.  She sent back this response and photo…

“I’m in custody.”

Turns out, Nephi was just being a smart-ass.  He had a bail agent – and get this, it’s embattled Nevada Regent Byron Brooks – pick her up and transport her back to California, claiming she hadn’t made payments on the bail bond that was posted for her earlier.

Her “kidnapping” and transportation across state lines could possibly be unlawful and could very well come back to bite Brooks in the butt – but that’s another story for another day.

And while all I wanted was for Nephi to go his way and me go mine, his snarky email resulted in my doing a little more checking on him.  And not surprisingly, he’s a real piece of…um, work.

Check this out:

So not only won’t I promote his event, but I’m gonna warn everyone NOT to attend – especially after learning that Nephi’s done these in the past and once had his license to conduct CCW classes revoked by Metro because he wasn’t doing them right.

Anyway, to the best of my knowledge, Brittany is still in jail in California.  Hoping she might be released today.  There are people trying to undo what Nephi did to her.  I’ll keep you updated.

The Laxalt Laxative

While I’ve included this item in The Laxalt Laxative because it’s directly related to his campaign, the sad truth is that MANY Republican candidates are using insulting, deceptive fundraising tactics like this.

In a money pitch emailed out Tuesday afternoon, Laxalt’s handlers wrote…

“President Donald J. Trump’s hand-picked Senate candidate is ONLY $1,274 away from his most crucial fundraising deadline yet and he only has a matter of minutes to reach it.  This is Adam Laxalt’s first fundraising deadline since being endorsed by President Trump, so we can’t afford to let President Trump down and allow the radical Democrats to pull ahead.”


  • Trump didn’t “hand-pick” Adam; Adam decided to run and asked for Trump’s support.
  • There is no mid-March “crucial fundraising deadline.” They made that up.
  • They never say what the actual fundraising goal is that Adam’s supposedly “ONLY $1,274 away from.”
  • Since the deadline and short-fall are completely made up, the idea that Adam only has a “matter of minutes to reach it” is just a flat-out lie.
  • This is NOT Adam’s “first fundraising deadline since being endorsed by President Trump.” Trump endorsed him last AUGUST.

Then the campaign doubled-down with on the BS Wednesday afternoon…

“I wish I had better news to share with you, but unfortunately, I don’t.

“We failed to reach our March mid-month goal, putting us behind Catherine Cortez Masto.

“We failed to secure the resources necessary to win Nevada.

“We failed to flip the Senate and protect our conservative values.

“Luckily, I was able to convince my team to extend our deadline to tomorrow at midnight.”

“Luckily”?  It’s HIS campaign.  And it’s not even a real deadline.  It’s a manufactured one designed to artificially create “urgency” – a legitimate marketing technique they’re dishonestly using.

If campaigns like this have to lie and mislead to fool you into donating to get into office, how to you think they’ll treat you after they get elected?

New Tax Pledge Signers ‘22

  • Denise Ashurst – State Assembly
  • Garland Brinkley – State Assembly

For the complete, running list of taxpayer champions who have pledged to “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes,” click here

If you’ve already signed and your name is not on the list, please forward a copy of your Pledge to  If you need a copy of the Pledge to sign, shoot me an email noting what seat you’re running for and I’ll send it to you.


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