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Election ’22: Game Day!

(Chuck Muth) – Voted mid-morning.  First time I’ve ever had to wait in a long line at Hollywood Rec Center up here at the foot of Mt. Reagan in east Las Vegas.

If a large majority of these people turning out to vote in person on Election Day are traditional Republicans who vote on, you know, Election Day…

Nevada Democrats are in for a LONG night tonight.

And just because it can’t be said enough times…

Ballots should ONLY be mailed to people who request them. It’s the only guard against what – especially in Clark County, NV – continues to be “dirty” voter rolls. Auto mail-in ballots only make it easier to cheat, not vote.

Looking forward to working with GOVERNOR Joe Lombardo to fix this in next legislative session.

By the way, I’ll be joining a fun-filled, action-packed, star-studded line-up of conservatives covering tonight’s election results on streaming TV.

Join me and anchor Michelle Mortensen, along with pundits that include Nevada GOP Club prez Rudy Pamintuan, Assemblywoman Annie Black, and “Red-Pilled Raven” Omojola starting at 8:00 pm.

Tune in at

Lastly, my final ballot recommendations for the 2022 general election in Nevada can be found by clicking here in case you still haven’t voted.

The Potty-Mouth That Roared

Seems Mindy “The Mouth” Robinson – Libertarian candidate for Nevada State Assembly and a pretty much unhinged political lunatic – wasn’t happy with what I wrote about her last night.

She sent me the following text message after it was published (WARNING: Naughty Language Ahead) …

“Take my name out your mouth, you fucking RINO hack or I will sue you for libel.”

I tossed and turned in fear all last night.

The following subsequent exchange then didn’t occur…

Mindy:             “What does IDK mean?”
Me:                  “I don’t know.”
Mindy:             “OMG, nobody does!”

Beadle-Juiced Update

Following publication of the Nevada Codependent’s recent hit piece on Reno conservative activist Robert Beadles, two Washoe “Republicans” have *sort of* returned the donations they received from him.

Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam ($10,800) and Washoe County District Attorney Chris Hicks ($5,800) fell for the fake news knee-capping of Mr. Beadles, tucked tail, and ran for the hills, now saying “they do not share his political beliefs and do not wish to be associated with (him).”

OK, fine.  But Mr. Beadles donated that money to those two candidates.  If they went “woke” and wobbly over the fake news report and decided to give the fungolas back, they should have given them back to Mr. Beadles. They didn’t.

Instead they used Mr. Beadles’ money to cynically make themselves look good by donating it to totally unrelated charities.

Balaam reportedly gave Mr. Beadles’ money to “Girls on The Run, Northern Nevada Military Support Alliance, Washoe County Honorary Deputy Sheriff Association and Nevada Veterans Memorial Plaza.”

Hicks gave Mr. Beadles’ money to the Boys & Girls Club, saying they “would use the contribution much more positively than Mr. Beadles would if I had chosen to return it to him.”

Maybe.  But it wasn’t Hicks’ money to give.

Mr. Beadles donated that money for the specific purpose of the candidates’ political campaigns.  If they weren’t going to use it for the specified purpose, they should have given it back to the donor.  If they want to support those charities, they should do it with their OWN money.

Maybe Mr. Beadles should sue them for it?


“If even one vote has been illegally cast or if the integrity of just one election official is compromised, it diminishes faith in the process.” – U.S. Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams

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