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Catch-and-Release Judges, DA’s are the Problem, Not Cops

(Chuck Muth) – On Thursday, October 27, Ciro Corona, a drunk driver – excuse me, *alleged* drunk driver – crashed into the car of 71-year-old Jaquelyn Teves after he *allegedly* blew through an intersection in Las Vegas and failed to yield the right-of-way.

I can relate.

Thank God, unlike Ms. Teves, I survived.  But she should be alive today – because Corona never should have been on the street in the first place.  And we can thank soft-on-crime social justice warriors for her death.  Consider…

According to a report by David Charns of 8 News Now, Corona was popped for DUI last December, less than a year ago.

Mr. Charns goes on to report that “Court records reveal a judge sentenced Corona to a suspended jail sentence, a fine and a DUI class in April.”  No idea if he ever completed the class.

Mr. Charns also reports that Corona was driving without a driver’s license or insurance and told police officers he fled the scene of the crash “because he was scared and it was his third DUI.”


So police officers arrested him once for DUI…and he was let back on the street.  Then police officers arrested him a second time…and he was again let back on the street.  Now police have caught him for DUI a third time…this time after (allegedly) killing a woman…and guess what?

He’s back on the street AGAIN!

According to Mr. Charns, Corona was released on $50,000 bail and the unidentified judge “ordered him to undergo drug and alcohol monitoring and to not drive.”

Now get this: According to a follow-up report by David Wilson of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, he’s free to continue terrorizing our streets until his preliminary hearing next MARCH.

Are you freaking kidding me?!!

First, understand that $50,000 bail means he only had to come up with a $7,500 deposit and a bail company put up the rest.  Not exactly a high financial hurdle for someone who (allegedly) killed someone else.

Secondly, Corona already shouldn’t have been driving when he killed Ms. Teves since he didn’t have a license or insurance…but was doing so anyway.  Did the judge really think this guy would follow the court’s don’t-drink-and-drive order?

And even if so, considering this guy’s record, why take the chance?  Innocent lives are at stake.  This is insane.

You know what else is insane?  We have no idea who the judges (who are elected) are who catch-and-release people like this or whether the DA (who is elected) cut a deal to catch-and-release them.  They’re not listed in the news stories.

When I raised that issue on Twitter (@chuckmuth) on Monday, Mr. Charns responded and explained: “The docket isn’t clear enough in justice court and several judges are listed.”

So even news reporters with access to the files have a hard time trying to figure out exactly who’s responsible.  And if they can’t figure it out, how are we, the voters, supposed to?  How are we supposed to know who to vote out of office so our streets are safe from repeat, often violent, offenders?

This is simply not acceptable.  If the DA and certain judges are letting dangerous people out after cops have caught them, we need to know who they are and name names.  It’s the only way to ensure an INFORMED electorate.

Now, I’ve done the best I can with my research and sources in the legal community.  You can get my recommendations on most Clark County judicial races and the DA’s race on my website.  Click here.

And again, stop blaming the cops.  They’re doing their jobs. They’re arresting the bad guys.  But other bad guys keep letting the bad guys out (or escape).

That includes Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak and Attorney General A.Ron Ford.  Both are social justice warriors and this situation has been made a lot worse under their mis-administrations.

They care more for the criminals than the victims.

So if you want to begin the process of reversing this revolving-door system of justice, you’ll get thyself to the polls and vote for Joe Lombardo for governor and Sigal Chattah for attorney general.


“If you are not an essential business, I am using my power to order you to close.” – Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak, 3/20/20

“Nevada has a 4.4 percent unemployment rate, which is relatively high compared to other states. … According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nevada’s unemployment rate is No. 48 nationally, with only Illinois and the District of Columbia posting worse rates of joblessness.” – Jessica Hill, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/23/22

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