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Backlash over Monkey Biz Column: My Response…

(Chuck Muth) – I received the following email from a longtime, dedicated GOP activist here in Nevada in response to my “Monkey Business” column about election fraud allegations on Thursday…

“We submitted all evidence several times to Sos.  She’s lying.  I worked the Fraud I was here in office as Joe Gloria refused to Let people vote.  We served the EVIDENCE SEVERAL TIMES I WAS THERE.  Sos is Lying.  Please retract you’re article to FACTS PLEASE.”

My response…

“Show me the evidence.  It’s been presented to the courts and the SOS.  I want to see it.  Why can’t I?”

Her reply included this allegation…

“I am wondering why you say there’s no fraud…”

Oy, vey.  So to THAT I had to write a more detailed reply…

You see, this is exactly the problem.  Unsubstantiated allegations.

I have NEVER said “there’s no fraud.”  In fact, I’ve written MULTIPLE times that I believe there was.  So where did you get that?  Certainly not from my column.  My column simply called for release of the list.

In fact, right after the election I wrote a DETAILED, 6-part “Art of the Steal” series on the election fiasco.  You can read them here…

So, yeah, I’d say my bona fides on this issue are pretty solid.  Onward…

If they’re gonna claim “122,918 unique cases of Election Integrity Violations,” the least the party should do is provide the list of the 122,918 alleged incidents.

None of the links you sent me provide this detailed list. Instead, there’s a report from a guy who provided a “report” of how he generated lists of POSSIBLE voting fraud.  But not the lists themselves.  Why not?

There’s a list of 8 affidavits of alleged improprieties at the polls.  But there’s no documentation in them that can be used to prove voting fraud actually occurred.  For example…

One poll worker claimed: “I observed a return ballot envelope with the statement ‘husband has dementia – I am the wife signing for him.’ There was no oath inside.”

What was the name of the voter?  When and where did this take place?  DID the husband have dementia?  WAS it his wife who signed for him?  In other words, was this a lawfully cast ballot? 

We’ve been provided no evidence or proof that it wasn’t.  And how in the heck is anyone supposed to investigate this?

Another reported: “I saw a lot of extremely suspicious-looking signatures.”

Maybe.  But no names.  How the heck is anyone supposed to investigate THIS?

Again, I have NEVER said “there’s no fraud.”  I believe there was.  But it doesn’t matter what I – or anyone else – believes.  Only what we can PROVE.  Not only can’t these allegations you sent me be proved, they can’t even be investigated.

Yet the party is claiming Secretary Cegavske isn’t investigating 122,918 incidences of voting fraud without listing the 122,918 unique allegations.  That’s not fair. 

The party is doing to Barbara what the Democrats did to Brett Kavanaugh.  It’s just plain wrong.  Especially since the Secretary of State’s office has already confirmed that it IS investigating allegations that have supporting documentation.

I have hoped for MONTHS that the party could and would back up its claims.  It brought in a swarm of paid operatives to do this.  But, sadly, they’ve failed to do so.

As I wrote in my column, start with the alleged 1,506 dead voters.  What are their names?  Where’s the list? 

Let’s confirm they ARE in fact dead, and not just confusing a John Smith SENIOR with a John Smith JUNIOR.  And then confirm that they actually committed voting fraud by showing the dead person actually voted.

Why can’t the party do that?  Why HASN’T the party done that?

As someone who believes, absolutely, that voting fraud occurred, I want to see the PROOF that it occurred.  Names.  Dates.  Places.

A lot of people were paid a lot of money to come up with such proof.  To date, I haven’t seen it.  And I WANT it to be seen.

But if the party can’t back up its allegations, it needs to stop trashing Barbara.  They need to put up or shut up.  Enough of this character assassination.

Look, this was a totally fouled up election.  There were LOTS of problems that need to be fixed.  And there are multiple bills before the Legislature to fix them.  Which is appropriate because it was the LEGISLATURE, not Secretary Cegavske, that made the mess.

If the party can’t or won’t provide the public and the media with the detailed list of 122,918 voting fraud allegations, then it’s time to move on and do what’s necessary so what happened in 2020 NEVER happens again.

The Prodigal Daughter Returns!

P.S.  My “baby,” Kristen, surprised me last week by moving back home from Virginia…where she fled last spring to find work after Gov. Sisolak shut Nevada down.


She also turns 21 today.  Oy!  She’s come a long way since this…

I intend to welcome her into adulthood by sticking her with the check at dinner tonight!  :)

For those of you who know or met Kristen at various political events with me over the years, her email is if you’d like to extend her a birthday greeting or a “welcome to the club” message.


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