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Election 2020: The Art of the Steal – Part III

(Chuck Muth) – In a comprehensive story in Thursday’s Las Vegas Review-Journal, Art Kane reports on “an allegation that a ballot in Rosemarie Hartle’s name and with her signature was voted” in Nevada’s 2020 general election.

One problem: Mrs. Hartle has been dead since 2017.

And here’s an even bigger problem as reported by Mr. Kane…

“Clark County elections officials said they verified that Rosemarie Hartle’s signature matched on the ballot.”


If the election department “verified” the signature on the outside of a ballot envelope matched the signature of a woman who has been deceased for three years, what does that say about the signature verification process being used to process over 400,000 mail-in ballots?

And there are certainly a LOT of reasons to further examine that verification process.

To start with, unlike the rest of Nevada’s counties, Clark County is using an optical verification machine that scans the signature on the outside of ballot envelopes and compares it to the signature on file with election department.

But as we’ve learned, the Election Department lowered the threshold to approve a signature match to 40 percent.  In addition, I’ve heard allegations that setting the criteria to 40% was below the manufacturer’s recommendation, but haven’t yet seen any verification of that claim.

If the verification machine/software “red flags” an envelope signature as possibly not matching the voter’s signature on file, then two election officials – “adjudicators” – must manually inspect the signatures, which is nothing more than a subjective opinion even if they are fully trained handwriting analysts.

If they both agree it’s a match, the ballot is counted.

But again, either the machine and/or two human beings looked at the deceased Mrs. Hartle’s signature and decided it was a match.  That’s a big red flag that something stinks in Denmark.

And then there’s this…

Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Victor Joeck’s reported this morning that he had nine voters legally sign their mail-in ballot, but not in their OWN handwriting.  Instead, they imitated their signatures to generally look like Victor’s handwriting.  And guess what?

“Eight of the nine ballots went through,” Victor reported.  “In other words, signature verification had an 89 percent failure rate in catching mismatched signatures.”

“It’s unclear how much voter fraud took place in Nevada,” Victor concluded.  “But it’s clear signature verification isn’t the fail-safe security check elections officials made it out to be.”


And while I don’t have first-hand knowledge of these incidences, I do know what happened to me on Election Day.

I showed up to vote in person.  I didn’t trust giving my unsolicited mail-in ballot to the poll workers, so they had me sign a release on a tablet using a sponge-tipped pen.  After signing it I told the poll worker that it didn’t look anything at all like my real signature.

The poll worker then compared my sponge-tipped signature on the tablet to the signature on file he pulled up on his computer, told me it was “close enough” – and gave me my ballot card!

I would bet the farm that this person was not a professional handwriting analyst.  And the fact that he deemed my mismatched signatures as “close enough” doesn’t exactly give me a bunch of warm-and-fuzzies about the entire signature verification system.

But, hey, don’t take any of our words for it. Seeing is believing, right?  And here’s an example demonstrating what I’m talking about.

The first photograph below is of Bruce Becker’s signature that’s on file with the Election Department.  The second photo is his signature on the outside of his ballot envelope.

Now, you tell me those signatures match!

Seriously, I don’t know how an optical scan machine, let alone two supposedly TRAINED handwriting adjudicators could possibly have come to the conclusion that these two signatures were “close enough.”

And yes, Mr. Becker’s mail-in ballot has been reported as received and tallied.

Obviously, this isn’t evidence of an illegally cast ballot.  But it IS evidence that the vote counting system in place for the 2020 general election in Clark County was DEEPLY flawed and wide open to ballot fraud.


Had INDEPENDENT observers been allowed to, well, OBSERVE the two adjudicators coming their conclusions when reviewing a possible signature mismatch, that would have been a vital security precaution that would have protected the integrity of the election.

But they weren’t.

At least not throughout the entire verification process and ballot counting.  And not from a distance close enough to actually see exactly what the adjudicators were seeing.  Why not?  After all, if there’s nothing to hide…why hide it?

For those who continue to claim that those calling into question how this entire election was handled are nothing but “conspiracy nuts,” they should have no problem with the Clark County Election Department conducting a new visual – not machine – audit of all 400,000+ mail-in ballots to confirm signature matching.


And if the Election Department won’t do this on its own, a judge should order it.

So let it be written; so let it be done.

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Ballot Integrity Task Force

If you live in Clark County and believe you know of potential voting fraud or other election irregularities, please report it by shooting an email to us at or call (702) 670-2576 with as much detail as possible and your contact information.

A new lawsuit is being prepared and will be filed on Monday.  So get your reports in FAST.

P.S.  If you appreciate the work Citizen Outreach is doing to expose this massive undermining of our elections’ integrity in Nevada, please consider clicking on the link at the bottom to make a donation.  Thank you!

Muth’s Truths

Clark County is ground zero of a massive election fuster-cluck.  So you’d think the Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party would be right in the thick of things, wouldn’t you?

Well, he’s not.  He’s actually been in Atlanta this week doing who knows what for his business.

This guy has GOT to go.  Hello, Central Committee?


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