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Tisha Black Totally Discombobulated over Dem Mailers

(Chuck Muth) – Now, THIS is funny.

Democrats know the toughest candidate for Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak to face in November would be Republican Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo.  He has the money, the connections, a professional campaign operation and…Donald Trump’s endorsement.

So they dusted off Harry Reid’s ol’ playbook and decided to try taking Lombardo out in the primary rather than risk facing him in the general; a strategy successfully used by Reid in his re-election campaign in 2010 when he meddled in the GOP primary to get a weaker Republican candidate nominated.

To that end, the ex-husband of a sitting anti-gun Democrat legislator formed a “scam PAC” (political action committee) called the Patriot Freedom Fund (PFF) that looks and sounds like a conservative operation.

And they’ve been spending a TON of dough on mailers and ads blistering Lombardo for not being conservative enough on guns, illegal immigration and abortion.

On one mailer disguised to look like an “official” sample ballot, the PAC endorsed “Anybody But Lombardo.”

It’s not likely to work.  Lombardo has built up a pretty solid lead and the non-Lombardo candidates – all 15 of them – have been unwilling to unite behind ONE anti-Lombardo candidate, leaving the anti-Lombardo forces splintered.

Now here comes the funny part…

At least two of the conservative-looking anti-Lombardo mailers also urged Republican voters all across the state to vote for conservative Attorney General candidate Sigal Chattah (disclaimer: a client) over liberal “Republican” Tisha Black.

Black – a major donor to Democrats such as Reid and Sisolak in the past – was put into the race at the last minute by the power-brokers who provide life-guard duty at the Carson City swamp.

And because the PFF mailers are so cleverly disguised, Black and her campaign team went into full panic mode once they realized Chattah was getting so much free publicity as THE conservative candidate in the race.

And that’s absolutely true.  Black is *running* as a conservative, but she’s an Establishment-backed liberal Republican.  And her campaign team knows it.

So for the past few days, Tish & Friends have been frantically shooting out text messages and emails ferociously attacking Chattah for everything and anything short of sinking the Titanic.

That includes hitting her for, get this, two unpaid parking tickets way back in 2005 and 2008!

They also haven’t been shy about exaggerating their claims.  For example, Tish wrote in one email that the Democrats “are spending HALF A MILLION DOLLARS to help Sigal Chattah win the GOP primary.”

That’s a stretch.  The scam PAC may well be spending a half-mil.  But that’s the total for all the anti-Lombardo ads.  Chattah was only mentioned in two of them. So the amount, while significant, is FAR less than what Tish is claiming.

Her hit- piece email concluded…

“Will you forward this along to friends and family and make sure they do not vote for Sigal Chattah in the Primary?”

In other words, “express advocacy” calling for the election or defeat of a candidate.  And here’s the kicker…

Tish sent her attack out via email to her list of supporters.  But the email didn’t come *from* Tish’s email address.  Instead, it came from

And when I went to, I was taken to the website for a non-profit organization called “Casa de Luz.”  And as a non-profit, that organization is NOT allowed to advocate for the election or defeat of a candidate.

And then I noticed something else.

I checked out Casa de Luz’ Twitter account and saw that one of their recent tweets had been “re-tweeted” by one of Tish’s campaign consultants…a clear indication of coordination with a non-profit group that’s not allowed to be involved in partisan activities.

And once Chattah pointed this out on Twitter, suddenly the website address was changed from Casa de Luz to a landing page for “Nevada Conservative Alerts” which, at time of publication, had nothing on it but a sign-up form to receive emails.

No disclosure as to who’s behind it…but really, we know.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men are circling the king’s wagons in Carson City hoping to keep Chattah from winning the Republican nomination on Tuesday.

And they just may succeed.  You see, they don’t have to fool all Republicans all the time.  They just have to fool enough Republicans this one time into believing Tisha Black is a conservative.

She’s not.  A tiger doesn’t change its spots (yeah, yeah…I know).

There’s only one, true conservative running in the Republican primary for Attorney General.

And it’s Sigal Chattah.

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