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Nevada GOP Primary Recommendations ’22

Note: These are personal recommendations, not necessarily official endorsements.

On some of these, I’ve narrowed down my choices to two or three candidates, but haven’t made a final decision yet.

Disclaimer: On some of these recommendations, I don’t have personal knowledge of the candidates but am recommending them based on the recommendations of folks I trust who DO know them.

And for the record, all recommendations are subject to change right up to Election Day as new information comes available.





  • University Regent 6: Jeanine Dakduk
  • University Regent 7: Dave Crete
  • University Regent 8: Aaron Manfredi
  • University Regent 11: Steve Laden
  • University Regent 13: Stephanie Goodman


  • Clark County Sheriff: Kevin McMahill
  • Clark County Public Administrator: Pat Casale
  • Clark County Treasurer: Mary Marshall-Lang
  • Clark County Recorder: John Evans
  • Clark County Commission F: Drew Johnson


  • Clark County School Board D: Tavorra Elliott
  • Clark County School Board F: Erica Neely
  • Clark County School Board G: Adam LaRosa
  • Washoe County School Board B: Cathy Reyes or Colleen Westlake
  • Washoe County School Board C: Melanie Sutton
  • Washoe County School Board D: Ed Hitti
  • Washoe County School Board F: Graeme Reid


  • Las Vegas City Council, Ward 2: Alan Bigelow
  • Las Vegas City Council, Ward 4: Bob Beers or Brenda Flank
  • Las Vegas City Council, Ward 6: Matt Passalacqua


  • Las  Vegas Justice Court 6:  Bill Gonzalez
  • Las Vegas Justice Court 16: Agnes Botelho
  • Las Vegas Justice Court 7: Amy Wilson
  • Las Vegas Justice Court, Department 9: Danielle “Pieper” Chio
  • Las Vegas Justice Court, Department 10: Noreen Demonte
  • Las Vegas Justice Court, Department 13: Suzan Baucum


  • Henderson Mayor: Michelle Romero
  • Henderson City Council, Ward 3: Carrie Cox
  • North Las Vegas City Council, Ward 3: Scott Black
  • Lyon County Commissioner: Scott Keller
  • Washoe County Clerk: Jan Galassini
  • Carson City Clerk/Recorder: Scott Hoen

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