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Some Post-2018 Election Drive-by Muthings

Conservatives who didn’t vote for a Republican candidate who wasn’t sufficiently conservative enough on critical issues – Hello, Tax Hike Mike Roberson! – didn’t cost that Republican his or her election.  The candidate cost himself or herself their election.

Conservative votes cannot and should not be taken for granted.

* * *

Nevada’s Constitution states that “All citizens” are eligible to vote:

“All citizens of the United States of the age of eighteen years and upwards, who shall have actually, and not constructively, resided in the state six months, and in the district or county thirty days next preceding any election, shall be entitled to vote for all officers that now or hereafter may be elected by the people, and upon all questions submitted to the electors at such election…”

Problem is, while that affords citizens the right to vote it doesn’t preclude non-citizens from voting – as we’re now seeing in San Francisco and other places around the country.

In North Dakota this election, a constitutional amendment (Question 2) by which similar language was changed from “All citizens” to “Only a citizen” passed by a margin of 66-34 percent.  Nevada should do the same.

* * *

Nevada Republicans are actually in a great position to rebuild for 2020.  Only President Trump will be on the top of the ticket.  There’s no U.S. Senate race on the ballot.  No gubernatorial race.  And no other statewide races.

So Republicans will have an opportunity to focus on legislative races and begin the process of rebuilding a “farm team” after Democrats overreach in the 2019 session and give Republicans LOTS of issues to run on…provided dumbass GOP legislators don’t give them votes that’ll make such bad bills “bi-partisan.”

That’s the difference between being a “minority” party and an “opposition” party.  A minority party trades votes on big issues – such as tax hikes – in return for table scraps, such as naming an official state bug, just so they can say they passed “something.”

Alas, Republicans never blow an opportunity to blow an opportunity.  So look for a number of wishy-washy GOP legislators to once again go along to get along.  It’s what they do.

* * *

Republicans need to stop obsessing over voter registration.  Registration numbers for the last eight years in Nevada have been fairly the same between Democrats and Republicans.  And for the last four years Republicans held every statewide office and a U.S. Senate seat.

The difference this year was lousy campaign messaging, some very bad campaigns, and a record of raising taxes and growing government that blurred the lines between the parties.

We don’t need more Republican voters to win in Nevada.  We need better candidates and better campaigns that will energize Republican base voters while attracting independents to vote Republican.

Tough balancing act, but not impossible.  We’ve done it before.

* * *

Nobody bought Dean Heller’s “born again” support for Donald Trump.  And it was by his own hand, in killing the House version of ObamaCare repeal-and-replace in 2017, that the issue was allowed to be a major factor in the 2018 general election.

He got what he deserved.  Nevada, however, now saddled with Sen. Wacky Jacky, didn’t.

* * *

I have been telling Republican candidates for YEARS to stop griping about right-leaning third parties – particularly, in Nevada, the Libertarian Party and the Independent American Party – and instead reach out and court them the same way they do to other voting blocs.

They’re not a “problem,” they’re a reality.  Deal with it accordingly.

* * *

All those voters who voted for Democrats knowing it would tilt Nevada more toward public policies like California’s are about to see exactly what that means – including higher taxes, fewer individual freedoms and more government busy-bodying.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

* * *

Republicans could have funded Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) during the Raiders stadium special session or the regular 2017 legislative session.  But RINO Gov. Brian Sandoval refused to do so.  Now they’re deader than King Tut.

Can’t wait for him and the Second Lady to vacate our governor’s mansion!

* * *

Jose Easley was arrested last month for killing a 52-year-old mother and her two adult sons in a gun battle in a North Las Vegas parking lot.

He’s charged with “murder, attempted murder with a deadly weapon, battery with a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, and other gun charges for being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm and for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.”

Listen up, gun-grabbers…

He was prohibited, BY LAW, from being in possession of the gun he used. But he did it anyway.  So tell us again how passing even MORE “common sense gun safety” laws are going to stop gun violence from the likes of Mr. Easley.

Bad guys will get and use guns no matter how many gun-control laws you pass.  The only people disarmed by “common sense gun safety” laws are the already-law abiding.

* * *

CLARIFICATION: In the last Muth’s Truths I detailed the efforts by a cuckoo gadfly named Denise Mraz to get appointed to fill Dennis Hof’s two-year term in the Nevada State Assembly.  She outlined her plot in a document that named Zack Hames, Dennis’ former assistant, as being involved in the scheming.

I exchanged some texts with Zack after publication of the piece and spoke with him at Dennis’ memorial service in Pahrump last night.  And he told me flat out, “I am not involved with her!”

I’ve also since learned that Madame Chemtrail has falsely claimed to be working for and representing certain clients and organizations that she absolutely wasn’t working for.

Seriously, folks, if you run across this woman…watch your back.  She’s a pure political opportunist and, in my decidedly non-medical opinion, has a serious screw loose.

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