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Pre-Primary Primary Gets off with a BANG!


Nevada’s pre-primary primary – otherwise known as the “money chase” – began today with candidates for various legislative seats announcing their 2019 fundraising totals.

And, WOW, did my friend Andy Matthews blow the roof off!

Andy is running for Assembly District 37 in Clark County.

The seat had been held by Republicans until 2018, when the political anvil known as the “Dean Heller Re-election Campaign” helped drag GOP candidates from top to bottom down to defeat.

And Andy announced today that he raised a staggering $154,000 last year.

That’s just…unheard of.  Indeed, record-breaking for a challenger.  Most INCUMBENTS won’t raise that kind of money.

But wait.  It’s even more impressive than that…

While the RINOs running the Republican Assembly Caucus are busy recruiting and endorsing mushy moderate, vanilla candidates – including one who has already quit and another who’s on record supporting Democrat Susie Lee for Congress in 2018 – the caucus has NOT supported Andy and did nothing to help his fundraising.

Wait, wait.  There’s more.

In addition, I’m told Andy didn’t receive ANY money from gaming, mining or the other big institutional donor organizations/associations – such as the realtors, retailers, contractors, truckers, etc.

Though they ought to get onboard NOW!  This train has left the station.

Seriously, to put this jaw-dropping accomplishment in even MORE perspective…

Andy’s not running for an “open” seat.  He’s running against a Democrat incumbent.

And Andy’s party is not in the majority.  In fact, Republicans are not only in the minority, but a SUPER-minority, with virtually zero chance of winning the majority in November.

Oh, and Andy’s a conservative.

Not a “social media” conservative who tweets in 180-characters what he thinks conservative Republicans want to read and hear.  He has a LONG and proven record of conservative activism and leadership that darn near matches my own.

(I’m just a lot older, that’s all.)

There are two other Republican candidates in this race who shouldn’t be.  Unless they somehow miraculously matched Andy’s 2019 fundraising haul, they should start looking at what other races are out there for them.

There is no question – NONE WHATSOEVER – that Andy Matthews is the most conservative candidate who can win back Assembly District 37 for the GOP this year.  Period.

For more info, go to:

In Other Assembly News…

In response to my weekend column about the latest epic fail by the Republican Assembly Caucus – their #1 draft pick dropped out before even getting to the starting gate – some members of the caucus have been trying to cover their embarrassment by spreading outright false information about this major blunder.

As regular readers of Muth’s Truths know, I often know behind the scenes “stuff” the GOP establishment RINOs would rather you not know.  Got good sources.  And such is the case here.

Alas, I ran out of time and couldn’t set the record straight today.  But stay tuned, Batfans.  I won’t let the “Little Caucus that Couldn’t” put anything past you guys!


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