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Now on Netflix: “Get Me Roger Stone”

Other than Donald Trump himself, Roger Stone “is the person…who deserves the most credit for the Trump presidency,” declares Morgan Pehme, director of a new documentary airing on Netflix titled “Get Me Roger Stone.”

Indeed, as the documentary demonstrates, the controversial libertarian-leaning political consultant described by Adam Smith of the Tampa Bay Times as “one of the most effective and ruthless strategists in modern American history,” had been advocating for a Trump presidential run since 1988.

Stone got his start in the political biz at the age of 19 working for Richard Nixon’s 1972 presidential run, was deeply involved in Ronald Reagan’s successful presidential campaign in 1980, and was an early Trump campaign adviser in 2016.

Known by some as a dark arts master of political dirty tricks, Stone was involved in the “hanging chad” Florida recount in 2000, in bringing down former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer in a prostitution scandal, and is embroiled front-and-center in the ongoing Russia/Trump brouhaha – for which he says he can’t wait to testify publicly.

If you haven’t heard of Stone before, do yourself a favor and watch “Get Me Roger Stone” on Netflix.

It’s an excellent documentary on the man who will not only continue to command the public stage throughout the Trump presidency, but will also be speaking at our Conservative Leadership Conference in Las Vegas this September!


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