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Nevada taxpayers unleash fury on Heller’s support for Sandoval

If you want to know the real reason behind RINO Nevada Gov. Brian “America’s Worst Governor” Sandoval’s (R&R Partners) “announcement” this week that he will not be seeking U.S. Sen. Harry Reid’s seat in next year’s election, consider the outrage that continues to pour forth from angry taxpayers in letters-to-the-editor, emails, blog posts and other social media.

The fact is, after shoving the largest tax hike in Nevada’s history down our throat – including the creation of a gross receipts tax like the one some 80% of Nevada voters rejected just last November! – this guy couldn’t get elected dog catcher in a competitive Republican primary.

Indeed, after U.S. Sen. Dean Heller posted on his Facebook page the following…

“I support Governor Brian Sandoval’s difficult decision to not run for the United States Senate. Under his leadership, our state’s economy continues to experience the Nevada comeback that we all know it is capable of achieving.”

…taxpayers ripped both of them a new one in the comments section.

Some of the printable examples…

Bruce Belton: If you don’t see that the Republicans in Carson City (including Sandoval) betrayed their supporters, by enacting the largest tax increase in Nevada history, you’ve lost touch with reality!

James Strosnider: I’m not real happy with either of these guys and I truly support the Republican Party.

Kenneth Robert Quirk: I don’t think he’ll have my support after that tax hike he just pulled off completely against the will of Nevadans.

Steven Burlingham Sr.: Yeah I wouldn’t run either after I just back stabbed 90% of Nevadans

William Adams: I thought Sandoval was a conservative ? It appears that he has consumed the cool-aid of the democratic party. Obviously, I voted for the wrong one again.

Larry Chesney: Sandoval should be running for his life after the tax and spend budget he pushed through a gutless legislature. RINO describes him best.

William Adams: I say vote Sandoval to the Senate and get rid of him while we still can. By the way thanks for taking a shot at my retirement and raising the costs of doing business as a private business owner.

Gene Carhart: The reason he is not going to run is that he is a RINO and the republicans in this state have had enough of all the RINO sellouts. I am sick to death of republicans buying votes.

Scout Wheeler: When a politician disregards the will of 80% of the voters, he is no longer fit for office. We voted and he apparently did not care what we wanted, it seems he knew better than the people. No more politicians who rule like aristocrats and defy the will of the voters.

Jack Hayes: He couldn’t get elected dog catcher after his horrible new tax. Disgusting! Wasn’t anybody paying attention when we elected a R assembly & senate — and governor?

Todd Shaul: Sandoval is a RINO. We are so much better off not sending him to Washington.

Ted Sell: So do I! After betraying his base with that tax hike, he couldn’t beat Mickey Mouse in a primary.

Tony Giove: With the BIGGEST tax increase in Nevada History, that growth may be coming to a screeching halt!! Not to mention that the Republicans passed a business tax that the PEOPLE rejected by a 2 to 1 margin!!!

Leann Campbell: Thanks for the largest tax increase in Nevada, he should have run as a democrat, I am very disappointed!!!!

Gail Steinman: No support from this family ever again. Traitor!!!

Marilyn Calvin: He probably saw the writing on the wall. Does anyone think he could have even won the primary?? His integrity is non existent after his billion-dollar ripoff of the taxpaying Nevadans.

Carol Hunt: Way too many regard Sandoval as a RINO!!! I won’t support him again.

Scott Nelson: Step away from the liar… Sandoval betrayed the public trust.

Ginger Starrett: How out of touch can you be? Nevada Republicans (not the RINO types) do not admire the Gov. We are glad he isn’t running for Senator because he’s not a candidate we could support.

Chet Alexander Dean: I wouldn’t vote for that RINO (or P.K. O’Neill) if there wasn’t any else to vote for. Both have sold us out.

Gary Gladwill: You both might have started out on the right track but eventually became shells of your former selves with no principles left.

John Kubiak: Largest tax hike in Nevada’s history… What a turncoat RINO Sandoval is! Dean Heller, do yourself a favor, and keep your distance from this RINO albatross!

Dianne Hutchens: We’ve been lied to for over 6 years by a socialist president and now we’ve been lied to by our own governor.

Jim DeChambeau: Are you “high” Dean Heller? Sandoval is good for Nevada ?  You just lost my respect.

Butch Tureson: I’m a Republican and have been for 46 years but, the tax increase for education pisses me off.

Ken Barnes: Senator Heller … even if Sandoval was the only candidate running for Reid’s office he wouldn’t get my vote after what he just pulled with that tax increase.

Linda Robertson: Come on Dean, tell us how u really feel… he is a douche bag.

Mike Hules: Governor Sandoval has lost a lot of respect from a lot of people out here. That tax increase was just what the people voted down and now we have it shoved down our throats!

Folks, you may be witnessing the seeds of the biggest taxpayer revolt since Prop 13!


The We Decide Coalition, a project of Citizen Outreach, received a bid yesterday from a signature-gathering firm that has been conducting signature-gathering campaigns for over two decades all across the country and is based in Nevada.

The proposal is absolutely in line with what we need if/when the repeal referendum on Sandoval’s largest tax hike in Nevada history is launched sometime after August 1st.

The other thing we’re waiting on is an evaluation of some legal questions before moving forward, particularly as it relates to protecting donors, since we’ve already seen how the governor and his minions trash those who criticize his tax hike (hello, Las Vegas Chamber!).

By the way, it’s Assembly Speaker-of-the-Weak John Hambrick’s birthday today.

After voting to shove Sandoval’s $1.4 billion tax hike up our collective wazoos, I hope somebody gives him head lice at his birthday party!

One last note…

I’m hearing a number of people, including a state assemblyman, are talking about starting their own petition drive to put SandRINOval’s $1.4 billion tax hike on the ballot in 2016.

I guess since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I’m flattered.  But unless these folks have a legitimate plan to raise the ¼-million dollars-plus to pay a professional signature-gathering firm to get the necessary signatures to put this on the ballot, they’re just blowing smoke.

Don’t be fooled.

And if you haven’t yet signed up to join the We Decide Coalition…



Here’s the full rogue’s gallery list of the Dirty Baker’s Dozen of RINO legislators who voted for the largest tax hike in Nevada’s history, including creation of a new gross receipts tax…

  • Assemblyman James “The Big Selloutski” Oscarson – Nye County
  • Assemblyman P.K. O’Neill – Carson City
  • Assemblyman Pat “RINO” Hickey – Washoe
  • Assemblyman Randy “Kirner Tax” Kirner – Washoe
  • Assemblyman David Gardner – Clark
  • Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury – Clark
  • Assemblyman Lynn “The Bug Man” Stewart – Clark
  • Assemblyman Paul Anderson – Clark
  • Assemblyman Derek Armstrong-Anderson – Clark
  • Assemblyman Stephen Silberkraus – Clark
  • Assemblyman Erv Nelson – Clark
  • Assemblyman Glenn Trowbridge – Clark
  • Assembly Speaker-of-the-Weak John Hambrick – Clark

Let the primaries begin!


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