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 Let’s get right to the 2017 Conservative Leadership Conference wrap-up…

Hoo-wee!  Was that ever a weekend!  I checked out of the hotel yesterday morning, packed up our stuff from the “green room,” went home, and took THREE naps.  Talk about exhausted.

Yes, Sheriff Joe Arpaio flew into Las Vegas Saturday afternoon and delivered later in the evening his first public speech since being pardoned by President Donald Trump for that B.S. “contempt” conviction by an Obama judge who illegally tried to force him to make illegal immigration legal.

And he did not disappoint.

Sheriff Joe made a surprise appearance at the conference itself right after lunch.  The crowd gave him a “standing o.”  It was electric.  And then he stuck around all afternoon talking one-on-one with attendees and taking tons of “selfies.”

The sheriff then delivered one whale of a speech Saturday night after accepting his “Courage Under Fire” award; mixing humor with condemnation of the political witch hunt the Obama regime launched against him.  He also announced some of his plans for the future.

Sheriff Joe & I having the last laugh at awards dinner!

Rest assured, we have NOT heard the last from America’s Toughest Sheriff.

But you know who WAS disappointed?  The alt-left protestors who tried to ruin our event with a major demonstration on the Strip.

Since we didn’t announce the “undisclosed” off-Strip location until after 3:00 pm at the conference – and refused to confirm in advance whether or not Sheriff Joe was actually going to attend in person – we took the wind right out of their sails and denied them the national story they were hoping to generate.

Their demonstration turned out to be a complete flop.

Indeed, instead of the predicted 400+ protestors on the Strip at 5:30 pm Saturday night, the crazies were able to get only about two dozen to show up and throw their little temper-tantrum.  Lame-o!

And although a pair of George Soros’ minions from Washington, DC tried to get into the conference itself, we caught them and kept them out.  As such, not a single disruption of CLC ’17.

While these losers thought they’d won after I decided, for everyone’s safety, to move the dinner venue, they ultimately lost big time.  Yes, their threats of violence chilled our free speech.  But they were unable to kill it.  Epic fail.  In the end, we won.  They lost.

As the saying goes, he who laughs last, laughs best.  And I’m laughing my arse off this morning!

I’ll have more on this incredible event – including a disappointing “he who must not be named” story of fake news bias by a reporter for the Ralston Rag blog – later this week.  But right now I think I feel another nap coming on!


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