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Muth’s Truths: May 4, 2017

The failing, liberal New York Times published a fake news story this week claiming an “examination” of Washington, DC’s school choice program shows that school vouchers “(have) not improved student achievement, and it may have worsened it.”

The NYT doesn’t get it.

Actually, they probably do…but they want to slant the news to benefit the teachers union and government school bureaucrats.  Regardless, the issue isn’t about test scores.  It’s about choice.

Who gets to choose?  Do parents get to choose which school they send their kid to the same way they get to choose their kid’s doctor?  Or does the government get to tell parents which school their kids are forced to attend based solely on the neighborhood they live in?

Vouchers and Education Savings Accounts simply give low- and middle-income families the means to exercise their choice – just like wealthy families.  You shouldn’t be forced to send your kids to a government school simply because you’re not rich.

I wish Republicans would start hammering home this “who chooses” point instead of constantly getting drawn into this irrelevant “test scores” argument all the time.


Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
Professor of Psephology (homeschooled)
Nevada’s #1 Irritator of Liberals and RINOs

P.S.  After blowing an earlier opportunity to begin the process of repealing ObamaCare, House Republicans appear to be getting a second bite of the apple with a new-and-improved bill today.

It’s not perfect.  But it does move us in the “right” direction further than the first one.  Republicans should vote for it and move on.

Ditto the “omnibus” spending bill passed earlier this week.  Far from perfect, but there are some good things in there.

As our friend Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform points out, overall discretionary spending is down, not up.  And the Obama rule that every additional dollar for national defense must be matched with a dollar to social welfare spending is dead.

And truth be told, this stop-gap band-aid only covers the remainder of the budget cycle that began under Barack Obama.  Beginning in October, though, Donald Trump and the Republicans will own the budget, 100%.

P.P.S.  Speaking of Obama, doesn’t his endorsement of French establishment presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron constitute meddling in a foreign country’s elections?  And hasn’t Obama said in the past that’s a bad thing?



After eight years under America’s Worst Governor, Brian Sandoval, we need a true, conservative, pro-business, pro-gun governor who will actually support conservative legislation, conservative issues, conservative organizations and conservative candidates.

That person also has to be able to raise a boatload of money and have a proven record of winning a tough race against radicalized liberals who will stop at nothing and say anything.  In the 2018 Nevada governor’s race, that candidate is Adam Laxalt.  Period.

If you agree, please add your name as a supporter to my new “Draft Laxalt” online petition at


* What county commissioner spent $600/night, with taxpayer dollars, for a hotel room so he and his valet could party at the Trump inauguration?  Read all about it by clicking here.

* If you decide to rent out a room or a section of your personal home or condo through a service such as Airbnb, Democrats in the Nevada Legislature want to force you to charge your guests a “room tax,” like tourists and business people pay at the luxury resorts on the Strip.  AB 294 would do just that.

Every Democrat in the Assembly voted for this new way to separate you from your money and give it to the government.  Not exactly surprising. That’s what Democrat do.

Sadly, though, two tax-hiking RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) joined them: Assembly Minority Leader Paul Anderson and Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury.  Good grief.

* A month ago I wrote about a bill at the Nevada Legislature to “screw” developer Jim Rhodes by essentially “taking” his private property by passing a law prohibiting him from building a luxury housing project simply because it’s near Red Rock Canyon.

Today the Las Vegas Review-Journal weighed in with similar arguments.  Very good read.  Click here.

* A week ago I wrote a column explaining why I was personally supporting the re-election of Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge Heidi Almase.

Today, columnist Jane Ann Morrison reveals a disturbing story about how her high-priced political consultant kicked Judge Almase to the curb after herApril 4 primary win because he didn’t think she could raise the funds necessary to pay the $15,000/month fee he demanded to continue for the final two months of the general election campaign.  Click here.


SB 384, sponsored by State Sen. Julia Ratti (D-Sparks) would hide the names of government employees from public records detailing the lush pension benefits we the taxpayers are paying them.  The Nevada Supreme Court has already ruled that such information is considered public information since it’s about public employees and their compensation paid by the public.

Say “NO” to SB 384.  Just click on this link: and then…

  1. Enter the bill number
  2. Click the “Against” button
  3. Enter any general comments you’d like to share (not required)
  4. Enter your name and address (phone and email address are not required)
  5. Hit the “Submit” button

Legislators DO look at these vote tallies before voting on controversial bills, as will the Governor’s office when weighing whether or not to veto a bill.  So thank you for weighing in and making a difference!


“Hillary Clinton is never so comfortable as when she is portraying herself as America’s Victim.” – Rich Galen


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