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Muth’s Truths: March 10, 2017

An important message on an important issue being pursued by our friend Darcy Olsen at the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix…

“State and local governments across the country frequently resort to waiving future property taxes to lure some businesses to move into their community. This form of tax subsidy heavily tilts the playing field as a few politically connected companies have their taxes waived while everyone else has to shoulder the burden.

“Government planners often claim they have to offer property tax subsidies for economic development. But it shouldn’t work this way. If property taxes in a community are too high to compete for new business, then the tax rates should be reduced for everyone.

“The vast majority of states have provisions in their state constitutions, commonly called ‘gift clauses,’ which forbid tax subsidies for private businesses.  The Goldwater Institute is working to revitalize state ‘gift clause’ protections for you and other taxpayers.

“We have just filed a new lawsuit to challenge a form of tax subsidy rampant across the country. In this case, ownership of a future apartment complex in Phoenix actually would be transferred to the city government so the property developer can avoid paying more than $8 million in property taxes. We represent local established business owners who cannot receive the same tax break and must watch their property taxes rise year after year.

“We will use our case to establish more legal precedent in support of constitutional ‘gift clauses’ and other taxpayer protections.  You can learn more about our case in Englehorn v. Stanton by clicking here.”

We wish Goldwater well in its effort to stop such “crony government” abuse.


Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
Professor of Psephology (homeschooled)
Nevada’s #1 Irritator of Liberals and RINOs


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Uh-oh.  Houston, we may have a problem.

On what I believe was the first major partisan vote in the State Assembly for the 2017 legislative session, we had one Republican go off the reservation yesterday and vote with every Democrat in favor of a meaningless bill to amend the Nevada Constitution to allow gay marriages even though the United States Supreme Court has already overturned Nevada’s constitutional prohibition thereof.

Conservatives should keep a close eye on Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner (R-Reno). This is how these things start.


“House Speaker Paul Ryan is openly targeting House Republicans with television advertisements—while conspicuously not hitting Democratic members – to try to browbeat them into supporting his healthcare legislation.

“The remarkable development, in which a GOP leadership-connected organization is now opening fire on the airwaves against Ryan’s own members, is ultimately one of the main tactics employed by Ryan’s predecessor, former House Speaker John Boehner – one that was instrumental in forcing his resignation in 2015.

“And while this is going on, with Ryan unrelentingly pushing for this American Health Care Act – nicknamed by many Republicans who oppose it ‘Ryancare,’ ‘Obamacare 2.0,’ or ‘Obamacare Lite’ – members in the House GOP conference are beginning to whisper about replacing not just Obamacare but replacing Ryan as Speaker.” – Matt Boyle, Breitbart News, 3/10/17


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