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Muth’s Truths: June 3, 2017

Did you see that pathetic Kathy Griffin press conference yesterday?  An Academy Award-winning performance sure to be heralded by Hollywood’s limousine liberals.  But for the rest of us in flyover country, what a CRYBABY!

Break out the world’s tiniest violin.  As the late comedian Robin Williams once said, Joan of Arc did less whining on the stake.

To refresh your memory, earlier this week Griffin released a photograph she thought was really cute and clever featuring her holding in her right hand what was supposed to be the bloody, severed head of President Donald Trump – a depiction of the barbaric practice of some radical Islamic terrorists.

Like what they did to Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.  I wonder how Pearl’s family felt seeing Griffin’s grotesque photo?  Did she ever stop for even a minute to consider that?

It was a sick display.  But in the minds of these radicalized anti-Trump celebrities, anything goes.  Until, of course, there’s a price to pay – namely Griffin being fired by, of all entities, CNN.  I mean, you REALLY have to have stepped over the line for the Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers at CNN to dump you!

In her tearful press conference, Griffin referenced her “apology” – which was like a burglar who isn’t really sorry he robbed somebody, but that he got CAUGHT.  She then proceeded, Hillary-like, to blame everyone for the controversy other than herself.

Boo-hoo, Donald Trump is being mean to me, she blubbered and sobbed.

“I don’t think I will have a career after this.  I’m going to be honest: Donald Trump broke me.”

Oh, puh-lease.  CNN might have kicked her sorry can to the curb, but you can bet the anti-Trump Hollywood glitterati will rally to her side and keep her in the media spotlight.  Sequel performances on “The View,” “The Tonight Show” and every other liberal chat-fest are surely just days away.

And who knows, maybe she’ll end up as co-hostess with MSNBC’s Rachel Mad-cow!

Oh, and let’s not forget this beaut…

“There’s a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me, and I’m just here to say that’s wrong.”

Oh, puh-lease.  Bringing race and gender into this?  Seriously?

Newsflash: No one’s trying to “silence” this clownette.  She’s free to continue belching up her anti-Trump bile as much as she wants – and surely will continue doing so.  It’s just that CNN will no longer give her access to their platform (at least until the controversy dies down).

Freedom of speech does NOT give you freedom from negative consequences that come from that speech, dearie.  In the meantime, get yourself a therapy puppy, lock yourself in a safe space, and suck it up, Buttercup.


Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
Professor of Psephology (homeschooled)
Nevada’s #1 Irritator of Liberals and RINOs

P.S.  As so many others have already pointed out, celebrities and business executives who are wailing about President Trump pulling the U.S. out of the anti-American Paris global warming scam continue to fly around the globe in their private jets, leaving a brontosaurus-sized carbon footprint on the planet.

Such hypocrites.

And how laughable is it that Pittsburgh’s mayor claims President Trump does not represent Pittsburgh simply because a majority of Pittsburghians (or is it Pittsburghites) voted for Crooked Hillary?

Hello? Trump won.  He’s president of the United States.  That includes Pittsburgh.  So he DOES represent you boneheads, not Parisians, like it or not.  Get a clue, buckaroo.



“School is ideal for teaching us how to enter the real world as employees.  In fact, most kids go to school and are programmed by the system to focus on getting a job once they graduate from high school or college. . . . The thought of another path doesn’t even cross their minds because, unless their parents or other family members are entrepreneurs, few know the path even exists.  They just don’t think about it.” – Donald Trump, “Midas Touch” (2011)


And now for the next scintillating episode of “Republicans Never Blow an Opportunity to Blow an Opportunity”…

In the Republican-controlled 2015 Nevada Legislature, a bill was passed that stopped the insane practice of local governments PAYING unionized government employees to work on union-related business instead of doing the government job the taxpayers are paying them to do.

Enter Assembly Co-Deputy Minority Floor Leader Jim Wheeler-Dealer (R-Douglas  County).

Wheeler-Dealer introduced a bill, AB290, on collective bargaining.  The bill was then amended to allow union employees who were being paid to do union work on the taxpayers’ time on the taxpayers’ dime prior to June 1, 2015 to continue to doing union work on the taxpayers’ time on the taxpayers’ dime from now until The Rapture itself.

If taxpayers are paying a government employee to put out fires, arrest bad guys or just push paper to keep the wheels of government turning, THAT’S what they should be doing; not getting paid to participate in collective bargaining negotiations.  Let the UNION pay for union-related work.

What part of this is too hard for Assemblyman Wheeler-Dealer to understand?

On the other hand, even though we still have a few days to go before this abomination of a legislative session mercifully comes to a crashing end, let’s give a hat tip to Senate Republicans who have actually done yeoman’s work in fighting back against the Democrat Menace this session.

Although they’re on the short end of a 12-9 partisan divide, the GOP Senate has pretty reliably acted like a united, OPPOSITION party instead of a minority party.  Solidly and vocally.  That’s…refreshing.

Sure wish they’d share some of their political Viagra with the mush-headed GOP “leadership” in the Assembly.


“While Kathy Griffin continues her sympathy crusade after weathering a storm of criticism for her terrible Trump severed-head photo, sources say she’s seething about how Anderson Cooper dropped her from his CNN New Year’s Eve broadcast like a hot potato.  Sources said Griffin had expected CNN ‘golden boy’ Cooper to stand by her, but the news network swiftly announced she was fired from the NYE broadcast with Cooper, which they’ve done together for 10 years.” – FOX News, 6/3/17


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