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Muth’s Truths: June 1, 2017

So Kathy Griffin – the vulgar, no-talent “comedienne” who thought it was just hilarious to be photographed holding a replica bloodied severed head of President Donald Trump – has been fired as hostess of a New Year’s Eve program I’ve never watched.

Griffin – like any other criminal AFTER getting caught – apologized yesterday. An apology about as sincere as a Bill Clinton marriage vow or as believable as a CNN claim to being an objective, reliable news source.

But the asswipe photographer who took the picture refuses to acknowledge how wrong it was.  “You make art, you have to stand by it,” Tyler Shields told TMZ.

“Art”?  He actually thinks his beheaded slasher-photo of the President of the United States was “art”?  Is this jerkwad for real?

Ask the dickhead himself:

Hat tip to reader Stan O. for digging up this bozo’s email address and sharing it with us.  Thanks, Stan!


Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
Professor of Psephology (homeschooled)
Nevada’s #1 Irritator of Liberals and RINOs

P.S.  While running for president, Donald Trump campaigned on pulling the U.S. out of the Paris global warming deal.

As president, Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris global warming deal.

That is all.



“Most of our great entrepreneurs do not hold MBAs, and many did not even graduate from college.  A few greats are Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft; Steve Jobs, founder of Apple; Thomas Edison, founder of General Electric; Richard Branson, founder of Virgin; and Walt Disney, founder of Disney Studios and Disneyland.” – Robert Kiyosaki, “Midas Touch” (2007)


While I certainly have a problem with Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Beers refusing to allow a competitive bidding process for that $1 billion-plus trash pick-up contract he voted to award to Republic Services in April, his challenger’s campaign in the June 13 run-off isn’t exactly running on all cylinders.

First, Steve Seroka’s consultants failed to inoculate their candidate in advance about those explosive accusations his ex-wife made during divorce proceedings in Virginia over ten years ago…even though they KNEW weeks in advance the attack was coming.

On the other hand, the campaign filed a stupid campaign finance complaint with the Secretary of State maintaining Beers’ “Cheers for Beers” fundraising events violated state law because that name wasn’t officially registered as a PAC.


You have the no-bid trash contract issue along with the Badlands Golf Course issue…and you focus on a trivial, asinine campaign disclosure complaint – a complaint that was dismissed by the Secretary of State’s office faster than a New York minute?

Councilman Beers was extremely vulnerable.  He may have dodged a bullet.


“Hillary Clinton (age 69) needs to clear the stage, pick a cause, write a book, and shut up. She is the reason Donald Trump is President not the NYT, not the DNC, not the FBI, and not any other three-letter organization.  If she stays around the Democratic Party will be the minority party for decades to come.” – Rich Galen, Mullings, 6/1/17


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