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Muth’s Truths: February 3, 2017

The Republican negotiating strategy over the years has been to take a “reasonable” (weak) moderate initial position on any given issue and then end up compromising to the left of center.  The result has often been to the FAR left of center.

We lose.

Donald Trump’s negotiating strategy – which anyone who’s read Art of the Deal or actually listened to him on the campaign trail knows – is to take a tough initial position in any negotiation and then end up closer to his desired outcome than that of the other party.

He’s been doing that since Day One of his new administration on all manner of issues and situations.  Many of us understand this.  Most on the left and in the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) don’t.

It brings to mind an old saying: For those who get it, no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t, no explanation is possible.

Obviously, it’s way too early to determine if Mr. Trump’s new negotiating strategies will work.  But I wouldn’t bet against the man.  And it won’t be long before America starts winning again – hopefully, as he promised, winning so much that we get tired of winning.

Stay the course, Mr. President.  Make America Great Again.  We’ve got your back.


Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
Professor of Psephology (homeschooled)
Nevada’s #1 Irritator of Liberals and RINOs

P.S.  Despite media misinformation to the contrary, it is NOT illegal to be registered to vote in multiple states – or counties or districts.

Is IS, however, illegal to VOTE in multiple states, counties or districts.  Just because you moved and didn’t cancel your registration in another jurisdiction does NOT mean you committed voter fraud.

On the other hand, voting after you’ve died or if you’re an illegal alien IS voter fraud.  If only the media would explain this truthfully and factually. Alas, that doesn’t hurt or undermine the Trump presidency, so don’t hold your breath.

And continue pressing for common-sense photo ID laws.



Back in December 2011, I did an interview with my friend Jack Abramoff, “America’s Most Notorious Lobbyist,” who spent several years in prison for influence peddling.  And just like hiring a burglar to protect yourself from burglars, Jack is absolutely a great resource for how to handle corruption in government.  Here’s one of his suggestions from that interview…

“Next, what I would do, is that (lobbyists) should be barred completely from giving anything that would create gratitude on the part of public servants – whether it’s a meal, a trip, a glass of water, a pickle – whatever it is.  They shouldn’t be allowed to do anything.  And that has to be a 100% ban, not $25, not $50, nothing like that.”

And for anyone who has read Dr. Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence” and is familiar with the “Law of Reciprocity,” that is an absolutely critical reform.

So let me extend major league kudos to Nevada State Sen. Michael Roberson who engineered just such a ban without my – or pretty much anyone else’s – knowledge.

“Under a bill (SB307) sponsored in 2015 by Sen. Michael Roberson,” Jane Ann Morrison wrote on Thursday in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “legislators can no longer accept anything from a lobbyist.  Even a cup of coffee or a bottle of water.”

The Roberson-Abramoff bill should be passed by all 50 states (formerly 57 under Barack Obama), as well as for Congress.P.S.  Sorry for the delay in posting, but here’s the link to my interview with

P.S.  Sorry for delay in posting, but here’s the link to my interview with Steve Sebelius on Politics Now after Donald Trump’s inaugural speech.  Click here

P.P.S.  I propose a trade.  Since Los Angeles was once home to the current Oakland Raiders, Las Vegas should trade the Raiders to L.A. for the current San Diego Chargers, who are now slated to move to L.A.  Charger owner Dean Spanos would never treat Vegas the way Mark Davis has.  Problem solved.


“When you hear about the tough phone calls I’m having, don’t worry about it.  Just don’t worry about it.  They’re tough.  It’s time we’re going to be little tough folks.  We’re being taken advantage of by every nation in the world virtually.” – President Donald Trump


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