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Muth’s Truths: February 18, 2017

Get this…and it has national relevance, so bear with me non-Nevadans.

Citizen Outreach is urging the Las Vegas City Council to open up its trash collection monopoly to competitive bidding per a proposed new ordinance submitted to the city this week.

You can read my new column on this subject – “Hoover, Ford, Spiegel, Goodman and Beers Can’t All Be Wrong” – by clicking here.

But in slogging through all 38 pages of the governmentese language of the proposed ordinance, I found something VERY interesting.

Section 9.08.270(A) allows a homeowner to dump their own trash “at any authorized disposal site,” but only if they present a copy of their current bill and have either – get ready for it! – a…

“1) valid government-issued photo identification such as a current Nevada driver’s license with a matching address on the bill, or 2) valid government-issued photo identification, along with a recent utility bill with a service address that matches the solid waste disposal bill.”


You need to have a photo ID to dump your trash…but not to vote!

Why aren’t liberal race-hustlers and civil rights agitators around the country screaming bloody murder over this the way they do anytime someone proposes requiring a photo ID at the polling booth?

Doesn’t this trash dumping requirement “unfairly burden” and “discriminate against” the poor and minorities?  Where’s the outrage?

Such hypocrites.


Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
Professor of Psephology (homeschooled)
Nevada’s #1 Irritator of Liberals and RINOs

P.S.  The so-called “Day Without Immigrants” strike was just plain stupid. NOBODY is targeting immigrants in this country.  The sole focus is on ILLEGAL immigrants.  YUGE difference.

Maybe we should have a “Day Without ILLEGAL Immigrants” rally and gather all the illegals at one place at the same time and make ICE’s job a whole lot easier.



The Loser Caucus:  It is absolutely impossible to adequately describe just how worthless, meaningless and useless Republican Assembly Minority LeaderPaul Anderson’sNevada Assembly Republicans 2017 Priorities” agenda is.

Slick paper?  Check.  Full color?  Check.  Substance?  Zip.  Zero.  Zilch. Nada.  Lame-o to the max.  Embarrassingly vapid.  Mush-mouth to the extreme.  Complete waste of time and effort.

But I’m sugar-coating it.

Sure didn’t take Anderson long to establish himself as every bit the substance-free “leader” the failed GOP “leaders” before him – John Hambrick, Pat Hickey, Heidi Gansert & Garn Mabey – were.  No wonder the GOP lost 10 seats in the Assembly in November under his “leadership.”

This is going to be another long and fruitless failure of a session for Republicans.  Will they ever learn?

Word on the Street: Should Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt opt to run for governor in 2018 – as almost everyone believes he will – I have it on good authority that veteran defense lawyer Craig Mueller – a conservative/libertarian Republican – intends to run to replace him as AG.

Mueller has represented a boatload of conservatives and conservative organizations on free speech and other issues over many years – including a First Amendment case that Citizen Outreach fought (and won on appeal) before the Nevada Supreme Court a couple years ago.

Mueller successfully represented RIP Commerce Tax last year in a case where Big Gaming and other special interests sued to stop a ballot referendum to repeal Gov. Brian “America’s Worst Governor” Sandoval’s new business income tax.

Mueller also successfully represented Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Beers when the city tried to block his petition to halt a proposed $56 million taxpayer subsidy for a soccer stadium downtown.  He also represented Beers in a libel case against Beers’ opponent, Ric Truesdell in his 2012 city council race.

In addition, Mueller has been a leading advocate for court reform to end the “money hungry” “extortion” practice of socking low- and middle-income defendants with exorbitant court fees and traffic fines.


“It’s refreshing to get outside of Washington, D.C., and talk to people on the street or in a convenience store who just say, ‘Hey, I really appreciate everything you’re doing, I’m standing with the president, I support everything—his agenda—and don’t get down.’ It really is reassuring to his team and to him to know that when you get outside of Washington there’s just so much support for somebody keeping his word and moving the country forward.” –White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer


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