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MAGA Supporters for Brown

In the last Muth’s Truths, I asked MAGA readers to share their reasons for supporting Sam Brown for U.S. Senate in the GOP primary despite Donald Trump’s endorsement of Adam Laxalt.  Hoo-boy, did I get an earful!  A sampling…

  • “I am a 3-time Iraq War vet and a born-again evangelical Christian. I believe in Trump and I want to WIN this Nevada Senate race! I gravitated early to Sam Brown because of his demeanor, education, service but most importantly, I think he is the candidate most feared by Cortez-Masto in the general election! Nothing personal against the Trump endorsement or Laxalt, but it is time to win and I believe now is the time to support Captain Sam Brown.” – Will Bradley


  • “I have backed and supported Trump since his early speech about building a wall. For the most part, I have agreed with the candidates he has endorsed for other elections.  However, his support for Adam Laxalt has me very perplexed!  Adam has proven in the past that he can’t win any U.S./federal election.  When he ran the last time, I attended one of his events.  I swear I nearly fell asleep listening to his monotone jibber-jabber and his lack of passion and enthusiasm left me very cold.” – AJ Maimbourg


  • “I’m one of those people who is a Trump voter as well as fierce Sam Brown supporter. Adam Laxalt believes this position is something he deserves without effort or proof of who he actually is. He will sway in whatever way the political winds send him to maintain power. … (Sam) is not the kind of person you will find at the back of the fight letting others take his place at the front. There are talkers and there are doers. I don’t think you need to guess which one Sam is.” – Blake I Allen


  • “In my opinion, Laxalt cannot beat Masto in the general election next year. Simply put, the man is unlikable.  His personality, what there is of one, is that of a dead fish.  To say that he lacks charisma is an understatement.  Based on his past performance, I would have to say that his support for former President Trump’s policies is nothing but lip service.” – Craig Hill


  • “I am backing Sam (Brown) and President Trump. I feel that the GOP are pulling fast ones and should let the people decide. I would vote for a Dem before I would vote for (Laxalt). At least, I know what I am getting.” – Robert Mains


  • “Frankly, I’m a tad disappointed in Ric Grenell hounding you or anybody for having another view about candidates. I respect Ric, but he’s wrong and really doesn’t understand Nevada.  My husband and I have been supporting Sam Brown because we think he will add something fresh to the Republican arena. We are both veterans and Sam really resonates with us and many others.” – Gloria Wade


  • “Keep up the good work. Laxalt getting the nomination would ensure victory for Democrats.” – Ron Bohlander


  • “I consider Trump’s endorsement a suggestion. I base my vote on my values, not Trump’s.” – Name withheld


  • “In response to your request regarding how you can support Trump but not Laxalt. Not being a career politician, Trump has, and apparently continues, to listen to those supposedly in the know…  His support of Laxalt, to me, is another example of his inability to assess this particular personal failure and take corrective action.” – Name withheld


  • “Mr. Muth, I’m new to Nevada via Kentucky and I am your biggest fan. Sam Brown will be the next senator here. I firmly believe the people here are smart enough to see through all the BS, but thankful you are around to point it out and help them maneuver around it. God bless!” – Terri Green Joiner


  • “Laxalt has not grown up enough yet. Invisible others are running him.  If he really loved Nevada and America he would be out campaigning for Sam.” – Name withheld


  • “Laxalt is just another empty suit, big R swamp creature. Personally, I am sick of these RINO losers (Dean Heller anyone? …lol).  More and more voters, MAGA or not, are sick of these RINO losers.  I support Sam Brown.” – Steve Koontz, LT USNR, USS Hornet, ’65-’66


  • “Sam Brown will get my vote because, in him, I see a lot of the same thinking President Trump is known for and I think they’ll see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues. I believe Sam Brown will make Nevada a state I’m PROUD to say I’ve lived in for 64 years.” – James Stepp


  • “I was donating and voting for Capt. Brown when he first announced his candidacy. He had already shown his patriotism and given his all to this country. As a fellow vet, and I mean a real vet, not some JAG paper pusher, I automatically will side with Sam, a proven hero. We do not need another grifter in DC, who thinks he deserves it, because of his name.” – Randal Bauer


  • “I went to a ‘rally’ for Laxalt. He kept ‘supporters’ waiting for an hour in a HOT warehouse! THEN, he started with his ‘don’t you know who I am’ baloney! I thought he was a little weasel and then he confirmed it that day! I’ve donated to Capt. Brown and will donate more and will vote for him!” – Name withheld


  • “I support Trump, but more importantly, I agree with his policies which are unequivocally good for this country. I met Sam and his wife recently and I can’t imagine a better candidate to represent us. I proudly display his bumper sticker and sign on my property. Certainly, Adam only represents himself, which is the failing of most politicians who do nothing more than kick the can down the road for others to deal with.” – Tom Wilson


  • “When running for governor in 2018, Laxalt refused to talk to people directly. He lacks people skills when dealing with strangers.  Conversely, Sam Brown’s towering integrity, intellect, courage, people skills and demonstrated leadership make him a superior candidate Nevada infrequently sees.” – Name withheld


  • “I had an opportunity to meet with (Ret) Capt. Sam Brown. It was everything I had hoped it would be. ANY question that he was asked, he presented a thoughtful response for clarification. … Needless to say, crybaby Laxalt does NOT have my vote, nor a great many of us in northern, rural Nevada.” – Robert Johnson


  • “Laxalt is a privileged (expletive deleted). At the Nye County Republican Central Committee meeting a few years ago when he last ran and was defeated for office, I was recording his talk before the members so I could reference it for my radio show. He saw my recorder and came running over with his wimpy frat boy-looking aide and demanded I stop and that the deal was no recording. I calmly looked him in the eye and told him to go (expletive deleted) himself. Like the chicken (expletive deleted) he was, he backed off, pouting. We have too many phonies in the Republican Party and I’m glad you are now calling them out.” – Dwight Lilly


  • “We did vote for Adam Laxalt last go round and were happy to do so. Our expectations were of the same wisdom and statesmanship that gave us such immense respect for his grandfather, the late Senator Paul Laxalt. Adam just didn’t have it and still doesn’t. Just as much of a disappointment as John Ensign: all show and no go. … I believe that Capt. Sam Brown understands all too well what is at stake here and now, hence our intent to vote for him.” – Bruce Jackson

The Smell of Fear

“The truth is, our Senate majority hinges on Nevada and the latest news on the ground is deeply concerning: FIRST: My campaign started being massively outspent by GOP outside groups: Mitch McConnell’s allies poured over $3 million into attack ads to try and defeat me.  THEN: The Cook Political Report officially downgraded my chances of winning and CNN called me one of the most vulnerable Senators up for re-election.  NOW: Recent polling shows me losing by 3 points, and as of today, I’m falling dangerously short of my rapid-response fundraising goal.  I urgently need your help to make up the gap before midnight.” – Nevada Democrat U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto-Reid, 12/12/21


“When government does things, most everything costs more and is lower quality.  Whenever possible, let the private sector do it.” – John Stossel

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