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I’m Blessed by Great Friends and the Stupidity of Some Enemies

(Chuck Muth) – Sigal Chattah – the deranged lunatic currently serving as Nevada’s Republican National Committeewoman – decided last week to call me an “antisemitic scumbag” and “Nazi bastard” due to the name of my consulting firm, Desert Fox Strategic Communications.

Apparently, she’s unaware that desert foxes were around LONG before the Nazis…

“Desert foxes are species of foxes that are either native to the desert regions or have made their homes there. There are over 10 fox species that live in the desert.”

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who sent me an email of support against “SiegHeil” Chattah’s blood libel.  And I was especially touched by this one from conservative talk-show icon Alan Stock…

“Your column about Sigal Chattah got my blood boiling.  Calling people antisemites when they’re not is like calling people racist when they’re not.  It actually demeans calling out real antisemites and racists.  She is nuttier than a fruitcake.  

“I’ve known you for nearly 25 years and never heard one word of bigotry toward any racial, religious or ethnic group, none at all.  As a matter of fact, you are one of the least bigoted people I’ve ever known.  Sigal needs to seek mental health help and the sooner the better. And yes, you can quote me.”

Thank you, Alan.

And as I replied back…

“As long as you’re not going to raise my taxes and grow the size of government, I don’t care what your gender, race, religion, age, nationality, etc., is.  Including Californians!”

If Californians come to Nevada as refugees from that political hellhole to the west, I welcome them with open arms.  But if they’re coming here as missionaries trying to convert us to the gospel according to Gavin Newsom…well, we need to build a wall.

Onto another issue…

After Ron DeSantis dropped out of the presidential race, Donald Trump – to his credit – has welcomed his support like the prodigal son.  He’s all but slaughtered a fatted calf and rolled out the red carpet for a feast.

This is politically smart.  You win elections by addition, not subtraction.

Then there’s the Chattah Box, who today slammed the door in the faces of DeSantis supporters with this twit-tweet…

“The statute of limitations expired today for (Trump) endorsements from real supporters. Any Republican ‘endorsing’ after today is just pathetically looking to save their political careers.”

So anyone who endorses Trump between tomorrow and November 4th aren’t “real supporters” and are “pathetic”?

What a moron.

That said, I’ll wrap up with this…

I will be voting in the February 6 primary to keep intact my pristine voting record and will be voting for “None of the Above.”  Haley lost me for good when she declared war on anonymous speech on social media.

The Nevada GOP presidential caucus has been rigged for Trump from the get-go and is now a foregone conclusion.  So I won’t be wasting my time or energy attending the caucus on February 8, which will have no bearing on my pristine voting record.

You all are free to do as you see fit.  That is all.


“Voters rage over GOP primary ballots; party officials mum. Republican voters are expressing confusion and anger about the ballot they received in the mail this week for the upcoming presidential preference primary. … The truth is the Democrats aren’t the ones who kept Trump off the ballot.  Rather, it’s his own party. … State Republican Party officials forced Trump and other candidates to pass on participating in the February 6 primary by creating rules that required all candidates to participate in either the GOP primary or the Republican caucuses but not both.” – Las Vegas SUN, 1/19/24

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