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How Conservatives can “takeover” the GOP

After reading this weekend’s columns by Richard Viguerie and Phyllis Schlafly on starting the conservative “Takeover” of the Republican Party at the precinct level, a number of you have asked how to go about becoming a member of the Central Committee and doing just that.

But before getting to that, let me give you a perfect example of how the GOP establishment can cripple conservative candidates when they’re in control of the party machinery.

In the 2014, Republican primary, conservative activist Carl Bunce challenged tax-hiking incumbent State Sen. Tax Hike Mike Roberson.  Because of Roberson’s liberal voting record and Bunce’s grassroots organizational experience, Bunce had a very good chance to beat the RINO in the primary.

As such, the GOP establishment went into full panic/attack mode.

Then-Clark County Republican Party Chairman Dave “For Himself” McKeon fabricated a claim that Bunce had assaulted a member of the committee and threatened violence against him.  It was total BS, but McKeon went to Las Vegas Justice Court and requested two Temporary Protective Orders (TPO).

The judge denied the TPO’s, but that didn’t stop Roberson from using them to falsely accuse Bunce in campaign mailers of assaulting “a 77-year-old woman” and threatening the GOP chairman.  As Bunce noted, “Dave Mckeon used these TPO’s to influence a Republican primary election.”

More recently, current Clark County GOP Chairman Ed Williams has been accused of declaring war on any conservative Republican primary candidate who signs the “Contract with Nevada” being sponsored by conservative Assemblyman Brent Jones and threatened to recruit candidates against them.

If I’m not mistaken, Williams – clearly the establishment GOP’s choice for the position – won his election this summer by all of four votes.

But that’s not even the worst for conservatives…

In that same election, Jericha Deaux was elected Political Director. Why is this even worse for conservatives?

Jericha is well known as the wanna-be gal pal of RINO-weasel Chris “Let’s Make a Deal” Edwards.  She attacked conservatives on Twitter throughout the 2015 legislative session and clearly is in the bag for Edwards, who is facing a very tough primary challenge.

And for those who think “weasel” is a little strong to use for a state legislator, remember that Edwards is the guy who wore a wire and secretly recorded conversations with his conservative colleagues trying to trap them into saying something wrong.

The guy is also scared to death of his constituents and has blown off public appearances where his voting record might be called into question.  But with a primary opponent now, Edwards doesn’t want to be accused of hiding from voters.  So he scheduled a town hall meeting in Mesquite.

Now wait’ll you get a load of when the meeting will be held…

This Wednesday night – during the GOP presidential candidate debate and Clark County Republican Central Committee meeting!

Weasel, weasel, weasel.

Which brings me back to questions readers have raised about how to become a precinct committeeman.  I can’t vouch for other counties, but here’s the process for conservatives in Clark County…

  1. Request to become a member of the Clark County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC), the governing body of the Clark County Republican Party, go to and apply to become a member.
  1. Attend the September 16th meeting of the Clark County Republican Central Committee. If you are a new member you will not be able to vote until the November meeting, but you must attend the September meeting in order to vote in November.

Please note that only an actual attendance at the Silverton Casino on Wednesday, September 16, in the Veil Pavilion room can guarantee a recognized sign-in even though you can access the meeting online.  You must sign in between 6:30 and 7:00 pm for the CCRCC meeting.

And yes, after resigning my membership in protest of McKeon’s election two years ago, I’m rejoining myself.  And I urge all other conservatives to do the same.

We can’t get a conservative state legislature or a conservative Congress until we first get a conservative Central Committee.

If conservatives in other counties send me the process for joining your own Central Committees – though I’m guessing none are as bad as Clark, with the possible exception of Washoe – I’ll share the information in a future newsletter.

For more information on how conservatives can “takeover” the GOP, CLICK HERE and read Taking Back Your Government: The Neighborhood Committeeman Strategy.

As Mr. Viguerie concluded in his book…

“Limited government constitutional conservatives must not only run in and win Republican primary elections; they must also run in and win Republican leadership positions.”

Onward and rightward…


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