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Democrats’ Witch Hunt of Laxalt Exposed as Klingon Show Trial

In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy were falsely accused of assassinating Klingon Chancellor Gorkon and subjected to a staged show trial orchestrated by the dastardly Klingon General Chang.  Kirk and McCoy were found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

That plot was more believable than the Democrat’s recently staged legislative show trial of Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt orchestrated by Assemblywoman Maggie “Chang” Carlton over the secretly taped conversation he had over a year ago with one of his clients, Gaming Control Board Chairman A.G. Burnett.

Burnett eventually turned his cell-phone recording over to the FBI.  The FBI investigated and found that Laxalt had done nothing wrong.

Almost a year later, however, someone leaked the existence of the recorded conversation to a liberal Nevada blogger and fake news peddler who proceeded to pursue Laxalt with Ahab-like ferocity, vengeance and venom; whipping up media and partisan hysteria in a clear political effort to derail the Republican attorney general’s expected gubernatorial run next year.

On May 17, Chang-Carlton, a former coffee shop waitress, convened her legislative hearing on the kerfuffle.  Although describing this farce as a “hearing” is way too generous.  More like witch hunt.  Political circus.  Star chamber.  Character assassination.  Bovine droppings.

For two hours both Burnett and Laxalt presented their versions of what took place and answered questions, during which it became abundantly clear that the whole thing boiled down to a simple difference of perceptions of what was going on.  Nothing unlawful.  Nothing unethical.  Nothing untoward.

Indeed, after Chang-Carlton finally released the audio version of the recording the morning of the political show trial, it became even more abundantly clear that the conversation was genial, professional and friendly.  No tension.  No coercion.  A routine attorney-client conversation about a court case.

This despite a surreal claim to the contrary by hyper-partisan Democrat Assemblywoman Heidi Swank, who absurdly cited her “expertise” as a so-called “Linguistic Anthropologist” (huh?) to declare that up was down and black was white.

And then there was the not-ready-for-prime-time performance of Democrat Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford, known to be lusting for Laxalt’s job.

Ford actually admitted that any reasonable person listening to the recorded conversation would conclude that there was no effort to coerce Burnett into doing something wrong, yet then went on to accuse Laxalt of trying to coerce the GCB chair anyway.


But the most embarrassing performance in this circus was by far that of Assembly-Waitress Chang-Carlton.  Not only was she dripping with obvious disdain and contempt in addressing Mr. Laxalt, but she went on to demonstrate just how totally clueless she was on the subject matter, unable to comprehend even the simple legal concept of “discovery.”

Check, please!

At the end of Star Trek VI, Kirk and McCoy were exonerated after a secret plot to undermine the Federation was exposed.  Expect a similar fate for Laxalt after the stench of this ham-handed Democrat plot to undermine his gubernatorial campaign finally clears the legislative building.


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