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About Last Night: GOP Prez Debate Observations

(Chuck Muth – Everyone has their own opinion on who won Wednesday night’s GOP presidential debate.  Here’s mine…

If the criteria is who advanced their campaign best, I’d say Nikki Haley.  If it’s who made the biggest splash, I’d say Vivek (it won’t last).  If it’s who won the debate overall, I’d say DeSantis.

Eight presidential candidates on stage was too many.  However, I think it identified the one-on-one matchups I’d like to see in separate debates…

  • DeSantis vs. Pence
  • Christie vs. Ramaswamy (bring LOTS of popcorn!)
  • Haley vs. Scott
  • Hutchinson vs. Burgum (in case you’re having trouble falling asleep)

At this point though, the most interesting one-on-one debate is Trump vs. Trump. He’s singing a lot of different tunes this year from what he sang during his administration.

Final debate observation: What the hell is wrong with FOX News?

This was a REPUBLICAN PRIMARY debate.  So what was with questions on global warming, homelessness, and UFO’s?  Which REPUBLICAN PRIMARY voters say those issues are at the top of their list in deciding who the GOP nominee should be?

And not one question on Bidenflation and what the candidates would do to reverse it? THAT question is on EVERYONE’S mind.

It also would have been far more interesting if FOX had asked each candidate whether they planned on competing in Nevada’s state-mandated primary on February 6 or the Nevada GOP’s competing caucus on February 8 since candidates aren’t allowed to participate in each.

THAT’S certainly an issue Nevada Republican primary voters are interested in.

TURDS in the Punchbowl

I shared this earlier today with Muth’s Truths PLUS+ subscribers, but it’s too good not share with everybody…

In response to my column yesterday pointing out how Nevada legislative Democrats are infected with “Teachers Union Rabies” that cause them to hurt low-income, minority children by cutting funding for their Opportunity Scholarships…

…a very clever reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, pointed out that I should actually name the affliction “Teachers Union Rabies Disease Syndrome” – otherwise known as TURDS.


Indeed, while Gov. Lombardo is focused on “getting sh*t done,” Nevada’s legislative Democrats are full of TURDS.

The “One Buck Chuck” Payoff

As noted in Tuesday’s Muth’s Truths, uni-party critics of Gov. Lombardo – led by Republican National Committeewoman Sigal Chattah and Democrat Assembly Speaker Steve “Donut Boy” Yeager – have been falsely accusing the governor of paying me to write good things about him.

As noted, the governor jokingly made the Chattah-Yeager claims come true at Monday’s “Politics on the Rocks” event by reaching into his pocket, pulling out a $1 bill, and handing it to me on stage. It was hilarious.

Didn’t have a have a photo of it for Tuesday’s column, but Annie Black sent me this one yesterday…

The joke got even funnier yesterday at the Keystone lunch.  I had two candidates who heard about the governor “paying me off” for only $1 and kiddingly handed me a buck.

Naturally, I kept the money.  Bidenomics is costing me a fortune, especially at the gas pump.

Keep those “One Buck Chucks” coming!

Campaign Training: Northern Nevada

You asked for it, so let’s do it…

I’ll be attending the Friends for Life Gala ( in Reno on Friday, September 8 featuring Seth Dillon of the absolutely hilarious satire website, The Babylon Bee (“Fake News You Can Trust”).

So let’s see if we can put together and bracket some training workshops outside of Las Vegas that week.  If there’s interest, I could tentatively do…

  • Ely on Tuesday, September 5
  • Elko on Wednesday, September 6
  • Fallon on Thursday, September 7
  • A full-day “boot camp” in Reno on Saturday, September 9
  • Hawthorne on Monday, September 11
  • Tonopah on Tuesday, September 12
  • Pahrump on Wednesday, September 13

The weeknight workshops run about two hours.  The topic will be “The 15 Worst Mistakes of Losing Candidates.”

This is obviously important for candidates themselves, but just as important for anyone else involved in politics who might run into a candidate who doesn’t make it to the workshop so you can correct them if they fall into any of these traps.

The Reno training would be my full-day “Campaign Boot Camp” and would run from around 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

I don’t charge anything for my time (though I’m thinking of starting to charge a buck) and my travel expenses are being picked up by Gov. Lombardo’s political operation.

All I need is for someone in each town to secure a meeting room that’ll hold 20-30 people, preferably set up classroom-style with tables, and help spread the word and put cheeks in seats.

Check-in should open at 5:30 pm with the workshop running from 6:00 pm to roughly 8:00 or 8:30 pm.

If you can help me put something together in your town on these dates, shoot an email to

P.S. Healthy, shiny red apples are frowned upon by your professor.  But bottles of Malibu Coconut Rum will get you a gold star!


“I get the UFO question? Come on, man. I think it’s horrible that just because I’m from New Jersey, you ask me about unidentified flying objects and Martians.” – Chris Christie at GOP presidential candidate debate Wednesday

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