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You Have to Say “Pretty Please” in Afghanistan Now

“The Obama administration is offering to cede some control over nighttime missions into Afghan village homes, U.S. officials say, in a bid to ease tensions with Afghan President Hamid Karzai,” the Wall Street Journal reports today.

“The administration’s most significant concession on night raids would subject the operations to advance review by Afghan judges, U.S. military officials said. One option under discussion in the U.S.-Afghan talks would require warrants to be issued before operations get the green light.”

Are you kidding me? It’s time to say “Screw you, Karzai.” If our troops get deployed overseas, it should be our way or the highway. If Karzai doesn’t like how we operate a war theater, fine. We pull out. Not in 2014. Tomorrow. We’re a military operation, not the “Sensitivity Police.” Enough of this crap!


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