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Wy R Kidz Isn’t Lernin’

Teachers sure aren’t doing themselves any favors by making ridiculously absurd arguments against minor spending reductions in education. Take Annette Bonder (please!).

Ms. Bonder is a substitute teacher in Clark County who posited the notion in a recent Las Vegas Sun letter-to-the-editor that reducing the salary of a public employee in Nevada equates to “actually taxing the income of the employee.”

She goes on to ask: “Is it fair to tax the incomes of those who work in the public sector while the rest of Nevada workers have no state income tax at all?”

Huh? Reducing salaries that are 100% funded by tax revenue is somehow an income tax hike? And with reasoning like that, some still wonder why so many of our kids are coming out of the public schools dumber than bricks?


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