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Words Mean Stuff

As the Nevada Legislature is in full bloom now, conservatives need to make sure the Left doesn’t control the narrative when it comes to facts and figures. For instance, the salary cuts to state employees proposed by Gov. Sandoval isn’t 5 percent; it’s one percent. The other four percent is simply a repeal of the 4 percent “cost of living” increase they never should have gotten back in the summer of ’08 in the midst of a full-blown economic recession.

In addition, the Left is trying to make hay out of the proposed reduction in the per-pupil funding for K-12 education, characterizing the cuts at $270 per student. But to put that figure in true perspective, it really only comes to 74-cents per day. Hardly draconian when you put it that way, is it? And remember, the governor’s proposed reduction of the general fund budget is $400 million, not $2 billion. If we continue to allow the public to only hear the Left’s twisting of the numbers, we’ll end up on the losing end of the debate.


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