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Wobbly Republicans Need a Braveheart

As the congressional battle to defund ObamaCare before it destroys the greatest health care system in the world draws nigh, many Republicans – alas, characteristically – are getting weak in the knees.

The same may be said for some members of the Nevada Republican Party Central Committee who are also facing a formidable opponent in the form of the GOP establishment.

For all of those who may be, as the late, great British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher so eloquently put it, “going wobbly,” I commend to you this excellent column by Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government that came out today titled, “Republican leaders need to watch Braveheart.”

“There is a nobility in fighting the impossible battle, and sometimes you even win,” Manning writes. “History is replete with heroes who risked everything to lead their people to freedom. … No one respects the ‘leader’ who declares the battle lost before a single person has seen the field.”

Or as WWE superstar Daniel Bryan put it a couple weeks ago before winning the championship against all odds and the entire WWE corporate leadership, “There is satisfaction in the struggle.”

These are concepts that values-free political spectators like liberal blogger Jon Ralston will never understand or appreciate.


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