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Wipe Out of British Liberals, Glimpse of the Future

Conservatives in Merry ol’ England enjoyed a smashing victory at the polls yesterday, “wiping out Labour strongholds that have stood across Britain since the 1930s, securing as many as 368 seats and giving (Boris) Johnson a majority in the House of Commons of around 76 seats.”

Take a look at these headlines…

  • Boris Johnson Secures Historic Blowout Election Win – Daily Beast
  • Boris Johnson has won the U.K. election – Market Watch
  • Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party set for landslide win in UK election – CNBC
  • K. election: Boris Johnson wins majority – Washington Post
  • Boris Johnson bet the farm on an election, and it paid off big – CNN
  • Boris Johnson Secures a Comfortable U.K. Election Win – WSJ
  • Labour Party calls Boris Johnson’s projected election victory ‘utterly devastating’ for UK – FOX News
  • Boris Johnson set to win a clear majority in U.K. election – NBC
  • UK election: Boris Johnson, Conservatives win Parliament – USA Today
  • Boris Johnson secures crushing UK election victory – Financial Times
  • Boris Johnson’s Conservatives achieve historic landslide election win – Jerusalem Post
  • Conservatives Win Commanding Majority in U.K. Vote – New York Times
  • Boris Johnson Wins Decisive Majority in Election That Upends Britain – Bloomberg
  • Boris Johnson leads Tories to historic general election win – The Guardian
  • Boris Johnson, Conservatives win UK election over rival Labour Party – New York Post

I predict next November you’ll be able to substitute “Donald Trump” for “Boris Johnson,” “Republicans” for “Tories,” and “U.S.” for “U.K” … and the headlines will remain the same.

Bully, Boris!


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