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Window of Op for Tax Broadening Closing Quickly

Apparently anticipating Gov. Sandoval’s victory, combined with a GOP take-over of the House, Nevada’s taxable sales jumped 2.7 percent in November 2010 over the November 2009 figures. Which again brings to mind the reality that the clock is ticking and the window of opportunity to “broaden” the tax base by taxing some services in a revenue neutral fashion and still enjoy a significant revenue increase as the economy rebounds is beginning to close.

Will the Nevada Legislature act responsibly, quickly and aggressively to take advantage of this not-soon-to-be-seen-again opportunity? Or will they again stick their collective heads where they can see their own pancreas and insist on raising taxes which wouldn’t be necessary if they just looked beyond the next 3-4 months? My money’s on continued keister-gazing.


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